All for One

Based on a long-standing tradition of success, our pride grows with each tournament won, each record broken and each student-athlete that goes on to lives of solidarity, service and success. When you make a contribution to the All For One Club, you help to shape the future of these unique Xavier University students by supporting the development of our athletic department. As a member of the All For One Club, you're making a difference in the life of a student-athlete and continuing our winning tradition.


Student Alumni Association

The vision of the Student Alumni Association (SAA) is to spearhead student philanthropy projects that help to bring campus wide understanding of the importance of service and giving back to the Xavier community in accordance with the Jesuit ideals and education that students and alumni value so highly. As a group, the SAA values giving back not only to the Xavier community but also the surrounding communities. The Jesuit education teaches us all to live a life of service and solidarity. SAA values the idea of applying these Jesuit teachings back to the community that gave them.


Women of Excellence

Women have always been a part of Xavier's history. But it wasn't until 1969, when women were first admitted as full-time day students, that their importance to the Xavier community really began to stand out. Find out more about the Women of Excellence.