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Xavier has a certain way of educating students that's different from other institutions. We push them to not just do good, but to do better. We teach them to do things right and to do them well. We show them the importance of serving others.

It's what we call The Xavier Way.

It's the kind of education you received. But our ability to continue shaping the futures of our students depends on the support of people like you. Your support enables us to attract and retain students, expand internships and provide scholarships so that Xavier remains accessible to promising students. So they can learn The Xavier Way.

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What is "The Xavier Way?"

Our Commitment

The Xavier Way is the launching of an all-encompassing initiative committed to helping every Xavier student become a person of learning and reflection, integrity and achievement, in solidarity for and with others.

Putting Students First

The Xavier Way defines our recommitment to clearly frame who we are and what we've always been about—putting our students first.

A Guide for Life

The Xavier Way reaffirms our commitment to an education that includes our students' hearts and minds. It is a guide for their actions in their communities, in their work and in the world we all share. It is a measure by which they can define success.

A Spirit and Commitment

The Xavier Way is a spirit and commitment that transcends words. You who are a part of the Xavier family know what it means. You hold that spirit in your hearts. It becomes a part of your life.

Your Support

Your life has been touched by The Xavier Way. You are a different person as a result. A better person. A person for others. Today's students deserve to be that kind of person. Help make that happen by supporting the Annual Fund today.