Meeting Information

Day: Every Monday
Time: 6-7 p.m.
Location: Smith 344
All are welcome! (You don't have to be "a member" to come!)

After our meetings, we usually eat family dinner together at the cafeteria. Don't worry if you don't have swipes - we'll get you in! Everyone is welcome to come.

Confidentiality and Respect

  • Meetings and discussion are confidential - names of group members and anything said within the meetings to remain with the confines of the space.
  • All people present participate as equals.
  • People present are not obligated to declare or define their sexual orientation or gender identity. No assumptions are to be made regarding the identities of those present at any club sponsored activity or anybody associated with the club.
  • Meetings tend to be educational, informative, and fun. A typical meeting involves talking about current LGBTQ political issues in Ohio and the country, discussion and education around pertinent LGBTQ issues on campus, a quick board game or icebreaker, and (on the lucky days) free food!

How to Stay Updated