Reporting Procedures

Xavier has established procedures, noted below, for how to report an assault or harassment. While these procedures are not part of the Advocate Program, we thought it was important to include here, as an advocate will assist you through the reporting process should you desire to take this course of action. Keep in mind, however, that an advocate does not make or try to coerce you to do this; she is there to support your decision.

Xavier respects the choices individuals make regarding reporting. If you are considering reporting harassment, discrimination, sexual assault, relationship violence or stalking, an advocate is available to assist you by providing you with information, options, advocacy and accompaniment to appointments, among other support mechanisms.

The procedures noted below include how to file a University complaint and/or criminal report. Again, it is your decision at each step of the way whether or not to proceed.

Each of the scenarios listed below are available in two formats: text-based and flow chart (available in PDF at the end of each section).