For Faculty/Staff

As a member of the faculty or staff, you may be interested in information about your rights and responsibilities in response to an incident of harassment or assault. For example, what do you do if a student informs you that he or she has harassed? How should you respond, and what does that responsibility mean to you both personally and professionally?

You also may be seeking information on who you should contact if you have experienced harassment or assault yourself. This area of the Xavier Advocate Program web site will grow to accommodate your specific needs for awareness of harassment and assault; however, please explore the entire site for information, for example, on reporting procedures, survivor resources, etc.

If there are resources you would like to appear on this page, or if you have any specific non-emergency questions, Interim Director of Advocacy and Response Facilitation, Dr. Anna Ghee at or 513 745-3463. Or send general, non-emergency communication to