Xavier's students, faculty and staff are actively engaged in the Greater Cincinnati community and beyond.

Brueggeman Center for Dialogue

The Edward B. Brueggeman center for dialogue at Xavier University is dedicated to providing space and opportunity for dialogue about the critical issues of our age. It is founded upon the belief that the paths that lead to solutions to our most serious problems will emerge out of dialogue. Interreligious dialogue remains the distinguishing characteristic and integrating factor but in order to truly address the critical issues, the conversation must also include the other academic disciplines, representatives from the business community, government and civic society.


The Conway Institute for Jesuit Education

The Ruth J. and Robert A. Conway Institute for Jesuit Education is a center of distinction, assisting educators in transforming students intellectually, morally, and spiritually in the Jesuit, Catholic tradition, while appropriating Ignatian pedagogy and spirituality in today's world. The Institute reaches beyond the Xavier campus with pedagogical innovations communicated locally, nationally, and internationally.

Center for Catholic Education

The Center for Catholic Education assists Catholic schools in the transmission of the faith and the development of Catholic education. Xavier University, in collaboration with the Archdiocese of Cincinnati Catholic Schools Office, has already developed a most successful pilot program - the Initiative for Catholic Schools - whose professional development programs for Catholic teachers and whose partnerships with neighboring Catholic schools have helped to develop challenging mathematics, science, and technology curricula for participating schools. The Center's goals and its way of work hold promise for further accomplishments.

Xavier Center for Excellence in Education (X-CEED)

X-CEED educates current and future teachers to be highly qualified in science, mathematics and technology, as well as to be committed to providing outstanding experiences in these fields for the elementary and secondary students who they will teach.

Xavier Leadership Center

The Xavier Leadership Center (XLC) was founded on the belief that leadership is a way of living - a way of continuously evolving and advancing our own, and other?s potential. XLC has one focus ? working with organizations to build their one true source of sustainable competitive advantage - their people - by innovating the practice of management and leadership.

Center for International Business

The Center for International Business builds international relationships with multi-national corporations and educational institutions that will allow for unique opportunities for WCB students and faculty.  Specifically the center provides expertise and resources to facilitate the offering of innovative and specialized international study programs and internship opportunities that would enhance our students' academic and professional development.  The programs are designed to equip the students with a global mindset, sensitivity, and real-world problem-solving capabilities that would help them become valuable assets to the organizations that they would serve upon graduation.

Xavier Entrepreneurial Center (XEC)

The Xavier entrepreneurial center enriches student?s academic studies and long-range career plans by providing them opportunities to interact with successful entrepreneurs. To this end, the center provides counseling, mentoring, employment opportunities and presentations by speakers from the industry. The center also provides practical information for entrepreneurs in the Greater Cincinnati business community.

Cintas Institute for Business Ethics

The Cintas Institute for Business Ethics seeks to help the Williams College of Business faculty increase their exposure and confidence in the areas of business ethics and social responsibility, enable graduate and undergraduate students to have increased moral courage to do "the hard right, as opposed to the easy wrong", and act as a resource for the local, regional and national business communities.

Center for Teaching Excellence

Opened in the Fall 2010 semester, the Center for Teaching Excellence aims to support Xavier faculty in creating rich, collaborative learning environments that challenge our students intellectually, morally, and spiritually. The Center promotes effective teaching that is reflective, engaging, creative, and informed by both pedagogical and disciplinary knowledge.