Special Academic Programs

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Health Professions

    It is possible to prepare for many different health profession at Xavier. A student interested in nursing, occupational therapy, athletic training, medical technology, or radiological technology should see an academic advisor in the specific program. Students interested in preparing for professional programs in medicine, osteopathic medicine, dentistry, podiatric medicine, veterinary medicine, optometry, or pharmacy should meet at least once a semester with the coordinator of pre-professional heath advising, Ms. Kara Rettig-Pfingstag. She and members of the Health Sciences Committee (listed below) are available for counseling about career choices, academic programs in the health sciences, and preparation for admission to professional health schools. The Health Sciences Committee members are as follows:

    Ms. Kara Rettig Pfingstag,
    105-B Albers Hall x3691
    Dr. Dorothy Engle
    03 Albers Hall x3807
    Dr. Carolyn Chambers
    104 Albers Hall x3623
    Dr. Barbara Hopkins
    140-B Logan Hall x2063
    Dr. Aaron Baba
    301-A Logan Hall x3271
    Dr. Daniel McLoughlin
    103 Logan Hall x3351
    Dr. Lisa Close-Jacobs
    212 Albers Hall x3848
    Dr. Stephen Yerian
    104 Linder Hall x3407
    Dr. Craig Davis
    206-A Logan Hall x2066

Honors A.B.

    The Honors A.B. Program was established in 1948 and is the oldest continuous Honors program at Xavier University. It is devoted to the study of the literature, philosophy, theology, history and languages of classical Western Civilization. Designed for excellent students with a broad range of interests, the Honors A.B. Program represents the only completely interdisciplinary degree program offered by Xavier University. For additional information about the program, students should contact the following person:

    Dr. Shannon Byrne
    904 Schott Hall

International Studies

    The international studies program at Xavier is interdisciplinary, with course offerings in Political Science, Economics, History, and Modern Languages, in addition to the core curriculum. The major itself is 36 hours, with 18 hours in a common program plus a 15 hour concentration in one of four areas: Europe, Latin America, Post-Colonial, and International Business.

    The program's emphasis is on a solid understanding of international affairs and includes required courses in international relations, international law, American government, U.S. foreign policy, and revolution and change. Students are introduced to the methods of studying international affairs.

    A semester or summer abroad is recommended but not required. Employment opportunities after graduation are found in the broad areas of business, government, and education. Many students go on to graduate or law school.  For information, students should contact the following person:

    Dr. John Ray
    709 Schott Hall

Medical Technology

    The curriculum which leads to the B.S. (Medical Technology) degree consists of three years of undergraduate study at Xavier University and the senior year at a hospital-based School of Medical Technology approved by the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences (NAACLS). Xavier is affiliated with the following hospital-based programs: University Hospital, Cincinnati; and St. Elizabeth Medical Center, Covington, Kentucky. Students may choose to apply to any other accredited program.

    Students may also elect to complete the Bachelor of Science degree in Biology or Natural Sciences, then apply to any hospital-based program in Medical Technology accredited by NAACLS. For further information about the program, students should contact the following person:

    Dr. Jennifer Robbins
    112 Albers Hall

Philosophy, Politics & The Public (PPP)

    Philosophy, Politics & the Public (PPP) is a new interdisciplinary honors program dedicated to a rigorous and wide-ranging examination with a global perspective of the theoretical foundations, historical conditions and practical considerations that sustain the idea of "the public." Students who are invited to join this challenging program will investigate dimensions of public experience from multiple disciplinary points of view, from philosophy to history, from natural science to literature, and from social science to the arts.

    A junior summer program provides the opportunity for PPP related studies in Europe or at a site in the United States. Students can select from five-week programs in Rome, London, or Washington, D.C. Opportunities will be available for students to pursue internship experiences as well as course-based study.

    Criteria for admission into the PPP honors program include: 1290 SAT or 29 ACT composite and completion of an application form and essay. For additional information about the program, students should contact the following person:

    Dr. E. Paul Colella
    203 Hinkle Hall

Pre Law

    American law schools prescribe neither specific courses nor a specific major for pre-law study. They pay particular attention to students engaged in a broad program of high quality in liberal arts. The degree program should educate the students to assimilate difficult documents and to interpret factual data, to think logically and creatively, to express themselves well orally and in writing, and to acquire a critical understanding of the human institutions and values with which the law deals.

    The basic criteria for acceptance into law school are the grade point average acquired during undergraduate studies and performance on the Law School Admission Test (LSAT). Students interested in the field of law as a career should consult both their departmental chair and the pre-law advisor.

    Paul Fiorelli
    605 Schott Hall x2050
    Ann Marie Tracey
    612 Schott Hall x3129

Study Abroad

    Xavier University believes that a study abroad experience as part of a student's academic program is of great educational value.  Students are encouraged to explore this option with their academic advisor and with the Director of Study Abroad.

    There are numerous semester, year-long and short-term opportunities for study abroad.  Some of these programs are organized directly by Xavier, some are offered through direct exchanges with international universities, and some are coordinated through outside providers and approved by Xavier.

    Study abroad can enhance any academic major by offering a student a global perspective.  Many students use the study abroad experience to fulfill the language requirement or increase their language proficiency.  This experience enhances a student's education and provides an attractive addition to the resume.

    Xavier is committed to advising students concerning the academic, financial, and personal aspects of studying abroad so that they can have this experience while at Xavier.

    Mrs. Margaret McDiarmid
    907 Schott Hall

University Scholars

    The University Scholars' Program is an honors program designed for serious and talented students who thrive in classes that are small and challenging and who can stimulate others with their curiosity, intellectual independence and ability to adapt to varied learning situations. This program is appropriate for students in any major. Honors courses are generally available only for honors program students (Honors Bachelor of Arts, Philosophy, Politics & The Public (PPP) and University Scholars). For additional information about the program, students should contact the following person:

    Dr. Alexandra Korros
    303 Hinkle Hall

Environmental Studies Minor

    The Environmental Studies Minor is a 16-hour interdisciplinary program compatible with any major. It offers students an integrated overview of environmental and natural resource fields. Students take CHEM104/105 or PHYS116/117 (or general chemistry or physics), BIOL250/251 (pre-requisite: one semester of biology), ECON320 (pre-requisite: ECON200), one approved elective (THEO245, THEO388 or others), and BIOL/ECON398 (pre-requisite: ECON320 and BIOL250/251).

    For information regarding the minor, students should contact one of the following co-directors:

    Dr. George Farnsworth
    312A Albers Hall

Gender & Diversity Studies Minor

    The Gender & Diversity Studies Minor is a 15-hour interdisciplinary minor open to all Xavier undergraduates and compatible with any major. Courses in the minor explore and analyze the socioeconomic, political and cultural experiences of women, minorities and others defined by gender, race, sexual orientation, ethnicity, class, cultural or religious beliefs and physical or psychological abilities. Students in the minor examine the individual and collective experience of traditionally disenfranchised social groups and investigate the conceptual roots of identity within them and differences among them. Students entering the program must consult the following advisor and should notify the major area advisor:

    Margo Heydt
    154 Cohen Center x3244
    Dr. Tyrone Williams
    235 Hinkle Hall x2014

International Studies Minor

    The International Studies Minor is an interdisciplinary approach to the language and culture of another part of the world, including international economics and international relations. It requires 18 hours, six of which must be taken in another country as part of a semester, summer or year abroad. Intermediate language proficiency (generally, four semesters of a single language) is required, along with International Trade and Business Environment (ECON 300), International Relations (POLI 277), and two further electives, one each in history and political science.

    The International Studies minor may be combined with any major. For additional information regarding the minor, students should contact the following person.

    Dr. John Ray
    709 Schott Hall

Latin American Studies Minor

    The Latin American Studies Minor is an 18-hour interdisciplinary program designed to help students achieve an advanced level of ability in the Spanish language and cultural competency in Latin America. It can enhance any major. The program is housed in the Modern Languages department and is available to all Xavier undergraduates. Students take the Latin American Studies course taught in English (SPAN 353), one course in Latin American literature (SPAN 427-429, 440-445), one course in theology as approved, one course in Latin American history (HIST 151, 327, 340-344, 428) or Political Sciences as approved, one elective course from the above areas or SPAN 306, 351or 352 as approved. For information regarding the minor, students should contact the following person:

    Dr. Irene Hodgson
    808 Schott Hall

Peace Studies

    Peace Studies is a 15-hour interdisciplinary program available to all Xavier undergraduates and compatible with any major. It is designed to examine the many aspects of achieving peace in the contemporary world. For further information, students may contact one of the following persons:

    Dr. John Sniegocki, Chair
    Mr. Patrick Welage
    Dr. George Farnsworth
    Dr. Shannon Byrne
    Dr. Steve Cobb
    Fr. Ben Urmston, S.J.
    Dr. Irene Hodgson x3541

Religious Education Minor

    The Religious Education Minor is designed to prepare theology majors to meet the Archdiocese of Cincinnati?s professional requirements for Catholic High School Religion Teacher Certification. The Religious Education Minor alone does not suffice to meet those professional requirements. Rather, the theology major must be completed in addition to this minor in order to satisfy the necessary educational requirements for archdiocesan certification. The minor requires a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 in the 18 credit hours of required courses: Human Development and Learning (EDFD 110 - 3 cr. hrs.) or Developmental Psychology (PSYC 231 - 3 cr. hrs), Religious Education: Theory & Practice (THEO 338 - 3 cr. hrs.), Technology & Topics for Educators (EDMS 350 - 3 cr. hrs.), and Student Teaching: Secondary (EDMS 470 - 9 cr. hrs.). For further information regarding the minor, students should contact the following person:

    Dr. Marie Giblin
    319 Hinkle Hall