Undeclared students and Biology freshmen are advised by academic advisors in the Academic Advising Center. To contact your academic advisor, call your advisor's office directly or contact the secretary. A directory of the Academic Advising Center staff follows:

Academic Advising Center
Suite 514 Conaton Learning Commons
Offices 500, 501, 502 and 513
Ms. Bobbie Terlau, Administrative Assistant II
513 745-3488

If you have declared a major (excluding Biology freshmen)you are advised by an advisor in that department. To find your academic advisor, access student services button on Student Hubfollow these steps:

  1. Click "Student Services" and log in
  2. Click "Academic Records/Registration Information"
  3. Click "View Student Advisor Information"

For more instructions on finding your advisor, followthe link: /academic-advising/documents/FindYourAdvisor4.pdf

Majors Academic Advisors (location, phone #)
Biology Freshmen

Ms. Karen Sykes, CLC 502 (x2978)

Undeclared Freshmen

Ms. Karen Sykes, CLC 502 (x2978)

Mrs. Mollie Labeda, CLC 513 (x3294)

Undeclared Sophomores andFreshmen Success Program

Mrs. Mollie Labeda, CLC 513 (x3294)

Varsity Athletes

(also, see department advisors if they have declared a major)

Angela N. Wyss, Director, (x3708) Cintas 2nd fl.

Christopher Barbour, Asst. Director (x3778) Cintas 2nd fl.

Stephanie Hurley, Advisor/Life Skills Coordinator (x3115) Cintas 2nd fl.

AdultEvening &Weekend Students

Adult Evening and Weekend and Transfer Students

Tricia Meyer, CLC 501 (x-1996)

Barb Garand, CLC500 (x2975)