An Hour Well Spent?
Here is how one college freshman spent the hour between two morning classes.
TIME                                                    ACTIVITY
8:51                             Leaves history class, talks briefly with friends outside.
8:54                             Starts for library.
8:56                             Meets friend, discusses plans for weekend football game.
8:59                             Finishes discussion, heads for library.
9:02                             Arrives at library, stops friend to check on when English theme is due.
9:04                             Finishes discussion, enters library.
9:08                             Settles down, starts to read history assignment.
9:14                              Realizes history assignment is not due till next week, decides to work on tomorrow?s
                                       English  assignment instead. 
9:15                              Spots friend at another table, decides to check on English assignment.
9:16                              Checks English assignment, discusses football team?s prospects in game.
9:20                              Finishes conversation, returns to study.
9:21                              Counts number of pages in English assignment, realizes assignment cannot be
                                        completed in thirty minutes, debates future course of action.
9:23                              Decides to read as much as possible anyway.
9:27                              Finds English assignment boring, decides to check over math homework instead.
9:31                              Discovers math homework hasn' t been completed, begins working remaining problems.
9:40                              Completes second math problem, recognizes impossibility of working remaining ten
                                       problems in fifteen minutes, debates future course of action.
9:42                              Decides to adjourn to coffee shop.
9:45                              Arrives at coffee shop, purchases coffee and doughnut.
9:47                              Joins group of friends discussing forthcoming exams.
9:54                               Makes comment while leaving for 10:00 math class: ?There just aren?t enough hours in
                                        the day to get all this studying done.?
9:59                               Arrives at math class, hopes instructor won?t give a quiz over homework assignment.
This student actually studied for less than one-third of a possible sixty-minute study period. The remaining time was squandered in a disorganized attempt to start studying. Unfortunately, disorganization and procrastination are typical of many college freshman. How about you? How much time did you waste today?