graduate program: Occupational Therapy

Level Two Fieldwork

Sample of Weekly Goals/Expectations for OTR students

Week One

* Participate in structured clinical observation
* Review policy and procedure manual
* Receive first patient from supervisor’s caseload

Week Two

* Ongoing treatment planning, treatment, and reevaluation of first assigned patient.
* Schedule orientations to PT, SP, TR, Social work, etc.
* Begin orientation lectures
* Continue to observe in clinic
* Schedule observations of various OT txs such as feeds, home visit, family conferences, etc.

Week Three

* New patient assignment
* Continue orientation lectures
* Continue observations

Week Four

* Continue to receive patient assignments up to approximately half a full caseload
* Participate in informal evals
* Continue scheduled observations

Week Five

* Continue patient tx
* Present outline to supervisor of involvement in areas
* Discuss project goals with supervisor

Week Six

* Mid term eval
* Complete all observations
* Continue with patient caseload

Week Seven

* Continue with patient caseload

Week Eight

* Assume full caseload