graduate program: Occupational Therapy

Level Two Fieldwork

Medical Leave of Absence during Level Two Fieldwork

AOTA requires a minimum of 940 hours of Level Two Fieldwork Experience,
with at least three months of the sustained fieldwork experience considered desirable on a full time basis. Flexibility is permitted through stipulation of the minimum number of hours. Time should be appropriate to the setting selected, student needs, and continuity of client services, e.g., consecutive half days. *

Students requesting a medical leave of absence during either of the three month fieldwork experiences will be required to complete the total of 940 hours of fieldwork no later than 24 months after completion of the academic portion of the program. Students should expect to complete the missed fieldwork hours at the assigned clinical site, if and when the clinical site is able to accommodate the student , without presenting additional inconvenience to the clinical staff.

Student will be expected to provide written documentation from an attending physician stating the need for and time required for a medical leave of absence from fieldwork. Student will also provide documentation from the physician at the time resumption of fieldwork is scheduled stating the student is medically able to return to fieldwork

* page 47, AOTA Guide to Fieldwork Education

Last Update: 1/26/05
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