graduate program: Occupational Therapy

Level Two Fieldwork

Using the Fieldwork Performance Evaluation (FWPE) for Occupational Therapy Students

The following are a few general guidelines and reminders for using the FWPE for Occupational Therapy Students:

The primary purposeof the FWPE is to measures entry-level competence. It is designed to differentiate the competent student from the incompetent student. It is not designed to differentiate levels above entry-level competence.

The FWPE is designed to measure entry-level competence, NOT level of performance above competency. The student should be working towards becoming a generalist for the practice of Occupational Therapy during fieldwork, not specializing in a specific practice domain.

The FWPE provides the student with an accurate assessment of his or her competence for entry-level practice over time. Remember that growth occurs over time and the midterm and final scores should reflect this change. The FWPE is designed to provide feedback to the student and provide an opportunity for the student to “take inventory� of their performance to date.

The “doing� of the occupational therapy process is evaluated, not the individual tasks in isolation. Not all items are equal in level of difficulty (i.e., simple to complex). The FWPE works best for both the fieldsite and the student if the evaluation is supplemented with development of site-specific objectives.

When scoring the FWPE, remember that each item must be scored, and the ethics and safety items must be passed, (that is receive at least a rating of a 3 at the final in order for student to pass the fieldwork experience, REGARDLESS of what the total point accumulation is for the entire evaluation. Each item rating should be recorded on Performance Rating Summary Sheet in order to provide a quick glance of the student’s overall competency level. All items should be summed up at the midterm and the final evaluation session.

The score can be compared to scales provided:

For an OT student:

Overall Midterm Score

Satisfactory: 90 & above

Unsatisfactory: 89 & below

Overall Final Score

Pass: 122 & above

No Pass: 121 & below

Midterm scores should be viewed at the level of performance is either “Satisfactory� or “unsatisfactory�. If the student receives an “unsatisfactory� at the midterm, the Academic Fieldwork Coordinator should be contacted to assist with the problem solving plan to help the student correct the deficits noted on the evaluation form. The final score should be viewed as either a “Pass� or a “no pass�.

(adapted from material presented at the AOTA 2004 Conference presentation titled “An Introduction to Understanding the OT and OTA Fieldwork Performance Evaluations�) by Atler and Weimer.)