graduate program: Occupational Therapy

Level Two Fieldwork

AOTA Suggested Level II Fieldwork Experience Dates (2005-2012)

The following are possible fieldwork rotation starting and completion dates for students. They are not required by AOTA, but are provided to help facilitate consistent scheduling. Other creative scheduling is encouraged to allow for a variety of placements that will meet the needs of students, fieldwork educators, and academic fieldwork coordinators.

The 1998 Standards for an Accredited Educational Program for the Occupational Therapist require 24 weeks of Level II fieldwork for OT students.

The listed dates are in 3-month increments to accommodate a majority of schools. When possible, a one-week break between rotations is scheduled. Please remember that these are only suggested dates.

Dates should be negotiated between the fieldwork facility and the academic program and the student will be informed as to dates of onset and completion.