graduate program: Occupational Therapy

Level One Fieldwork

General Level One Fieldwork Guidelines and Information

The student must complete four days (6-8 hours each day) at a total of three fieldwork site placements during the semester. The student can be involved in group activities, one on one interactions, and observation experiences as determined by the personnel who are supervising them for each placement. The student can be supervised by an OTR, COTA or other allied health disciplines for the level one experience.

Students in the program complete two semesters of level one fieldwork that are designed to provide opportunities to observe clinical applications of theories and diagnoses presented in the classroom.

The fall semester of the first year of the graduate program involves students taking courses in evaluation and intervention for psychosocial and physical conditions commonly pediatric populations, and the fieldwork sites generally focus on the typical pediatric diagnoses.

The spring semester of the graduate school coursework, students will take courses in psychosocial and physical conditions commonly seen in adult populations. Their fieldwork sites are chosen to expose them to diagnoses that generally require evaluation and intervention using frames of references pertinent to the adult age groups.

When possible, a brief outline of the course lecture schedule will be forwarded to the fieldwork sites with a list of the assignments students need to complete with the assistance of the clinical fieldwork educator. Students are expected to share information regarding all assignments with the fieldwork educator during the initial weeks of fieldwork and identify at that time what intervention or assistance they will need from the fieldsite in terms of access to client subjects, staff feedback, staff review of notes or written work.