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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about Guatemala 2014 (FAQs):

  1. What are the dates? Tentatively, May 30-June 8, but, don’t book your plane yet! Confirmation of the dates will be forthcoming soon.

  2. Will we travel together? We can, but we don’t have to. Carol Scheerer (group leader) will share her itinerary (as well as the itinerary of the other faculty at Xavier) and all participants are welcome to take the same flight. Participants are also welcome to depart from anywhere across the country/globe and meet up with the group in Guatemala on the specified day/time.

  3. I don’t have any money. How can I cut costs? Here are several ideas: 1) Cut down on spending money – all lodging, food and transportation will be included, and you don’t have to buy so much – take only $50.00 and spend only what you take; 2). Request that holiday and birthday gift monies are designated for your trip; 3). Use previously awarded airline miles to obtain your airline ticket; 4). For students, purchase a student-designated plane ticket.

  4. How many students/practitioners are interested in going (this translates to: what are my chances of being accepted)? It is difficult to predict how many will apply. In 2011 we had to turn down both students and practitioners as our applicant pool was greater than the number we could take. In 2012 we had just the right number of students and practitioners alike. In 2013 we had to turn down several students, the therapist number was just right.

  5. I am a practitioner, what if I am not accepted? You can apply again next year as we anticipate this will be an annual endeavor and we plan to invite practitioners next year, too.

  6. I don’t have much/any experience in pediatrics, what are my chances of going? Because is is not known how many practitioners will apply or what their experience will be, we strongly encourage you to apply.

  7. What if I don’t know Spanish? Students will take the SPAN 258 course and practitioners are invited to attend as well. In that way, you will learn at least some Spanish. And/or borrow a phrase book and/or language CD from the library. Or, talk a Spanish-speaking friend into giving you private lessons. Additionally, we will have translators on-site as needed.

  8. When will the SPAN 258 class be offered and how much will it cost?
    For students, the cost of the intersession will be the rate for undergraduate tuition per credit hour (main campus) for 3-credit hours. See summer tuition & fees.

  9. Do I really need to get the two forms notarized? Yes.We will arrange a time for a notary to come to Cohen and sign all the forms at the time of the packing party in early June. Additionally, your personal bank will not likely charge you for use of their notary.

  10. I am a practitioner and it seems like I am filling out student forms, is that the case? Yes. The forms we are using are those required by Xavier University whenever a student travels for academic credit. It is more efficient to have you complete the same forms; if there are areas that are non-applicable, simply indicate that. You will see, though, that the two forms that require notarization are designed specifically for you as a practitioner.



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