XU Student Occupational Therapy Association (XUSOTA)

This group is formed on the Xavier University campus by the current students enrolled in the occupational therapy program to provide networking opportunities among classmates, a forum for student focus on professional activities, sharing of professional information, and the opportunity to become involved in the American Occupational Therapy Association from a student level. Activities include fund-raising projects to support attendance at national and state conferences. Another function of the XUSOTA is to select student representatives to the national organization's student committee and other department committees for which student representation is requested. In 1997 and 1999, XUSOTA was awarded "Organization of the Year Award" by the student government association in recognition of their creativity, initiative and commitment to the Xavier University Community.

Working Cintas Concessions is one of the major fundraising activities for "XUSOTA" and the X.U.O.T. Alumni Association. The money earned by working a concession stand during the men's basketball games is used to finance many of the service projects XUSOTA is involved in, such as charity walk-a-thons, purchasing Christmas gifts for the homeless and buying refreshments to serve at the Drop In Center, as well as assisting current students with costs involved in attending state and national O.T. conferences. Here is a picture of the "crew" who worked the game on January 22, 2006.

Pictured right: Students from the Class of 2004 knitted scarves for residents of a local homeless shelter.


Pictured Below:Students participate in the Xavier "Shantytown" to raise awareness about issues facing the homeless population.







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