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New AOTA Fieldwork Data Form Released

The 2008 revisions to the AOTA Fieldwork Data Form have been completed and have been posted on the AOTA website at the following link:
The form is available in MS word and can be downloaded by any member of the Association. The form has been formatted to allow it to be completed electronically by clicking on the gray boxes with your mouse. It is hoped that the forms can be stored electronically to allow easy access to data and updates.

The purpose of the Fieldwork Data Form is to facilitate communication between occupational therapy (OT) and occupational therapy assistant (OTA) academic programs, OT/ OTA students, and fieldwork educators. Fieldwork Educators and Academic Fieldwork Coordinators (AFWC) jointly complete the Fieldwork Data Form to describe the fieldwork setting where students may have placements. While much of the information may be completed by the Fieldwork Educator, there will be additional information best obtained through AFWC interview of the fieldwork education coordinator at the site. The AFWC will find opportunity to document fieldwork related Accreditation Council for Occupational Therapy (ACOTE) Standards that support the ACOTE on-site accreditation review process. In addition, OT/ OTA students will find valuable information describing the characteristics of the fieldwork setting, the client population, commonly used assessments, interventions, and expectations and opportunities for students. The Fieldwork Data Form has been developed to reflect the Occupational Therapy Practice Framework terminology and best practice in occupational therapy to promote quality fieldwork experiences. It was developed through the joint efforts of the Commission on Education (COE) and Education Special Interest Section (EDSIS) Fieldwork Subsection with input from many dedicated AFWCs and fieldwork educators.


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