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To complete the MOT degree, students will initially obtain a BLA with a concentration in Human Occupation Studies and a University approved minor or second concentration. The BLA will be obtained upon completion of the first semester of the 4th year.  Graduate coursework will begin second semester of the fourth year continue during the 5th year. It will culminate in a 6 month, post academic internship; the entire course of study spans 5 ½ years. Transfer students who are certified occupational therapy assistants may receive transfer credit for some of the BLA requirements depending on the articulation agreement worked out with the occupational therapy assistant program previously attended.

Full or Part-time Study?

The MOT degree is designed for the traditional student who will work toward the degree on a full-time basis. While part-time studies may be possible while obtaining the BLA degree, full-time matriculation is required when taking graduate courses. This is because of the sequential and concurrent nature of the course work and planned practica and fieldwork. Occupational therapy courses are generally offered only one time per academic year and the curriculum is planned on a three-year rotation, based on a full-time load. If for some reason a student is unable to take a course in its planned sequence in the cycle, the student may only be able to take the course with another year's class of students as space permits, given the restricted enrollment of the program. After completion of all academic course work in the degree program, students must complete a minimum of 940 hours of approved and supervised fieldwork experience. Most clinical internships are traditionally scheduled for a normal 40 hour work week.