Occupational Therapy Class of 2013 Newsletter


9-18-14: Tim McGrath is a member of the 5th cohort of the AOTA Emerging Leaders Development Program.  "Having the opportunity to spend the past two days with Ginny Stoffel and Amy Lamb, amongst others was truly inspiring.  For my year long experience, I will be paired with Tim Casey, who serves as the head lobbyist for AOTA and lives just 4 miles away from me. I am excited to get the opportunity to hopefully accompany him to capitol hill on many different occasions to lobby for the distinct value of OT and to truly learn how we can position ourselves as a profession to not only keep ourselves "at the table" but to become the "leaders of the table."  Additionally, I hope to spear head a project that really works to make lobbying and reaching out even more accessible for AOTA members across the country."

Tim, Alli, and Mary presented their research poster at the American Occupational Therapy Association National Conference in Baltimore, April 2014!

Katie Brown


Lauren Cushman Buehrle


Carissa Carpenter  
Megan Casey  
Samantha Conley  
Mackenzie Dobbs

Mackenzie and Tracy had a week long journey to California for fieldwork. These are a few of the many sights they recorded for history.

Update 3-10-14."I accepted an OT position at Cincinnati Children's Hospital in a year long, residency program. I will be primarily working in outpatient focusing on neurodevelopment. Two days a week I will be treating my own caseload of pediatric patients. Two days a week I will be participating in the LEND program(Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental and related Disabilities) with multiple other healthcare professionals. Then one day a week, I will be traveling to all of the different specialty units in Children's hospital to observe/participate in OT"

Mary Elliott

Update on 9-4-14: I recently became an official full time employee at St. Louis Children's Hospital - whoo hoo!!  The part time OT position I took in the spring turned into full time, which I am beyond thrilled about.  St. Louis Children's is where I did my second level II rotation, so it has been really neat to continue seeing some of the kids I saw as a student.  I do primarily outpatient therapy, though I do sometimes see inpatients. 
I have also kept my PRN job doing adult inpatient rehab with SSM Rehabilitation.  I am currently working there 1-2 times a month.  It has been just the right amount to keep a hand in the adult world, but also maintain a work-life balance. My other very exciting news is that I got engaged at the end of July!  John McCrillis (another Xavier alumni) and I are getting married in May, 2015.  We are very excited!

Natalie Freeman  
Allison Hays I have started my first full time job in the OT world.  I am currently working at the The Guild for Human Services in Waltham, MA ( a town right outside Boston).  The Guild is a private, community-based, day and residential year-round special education school.   The children at the school range from ages 6-21 with intellectual disabilities, mental health issues, autism and emotional and behavioral challenges. I will be the full time OTR on staff, working with a COTA and OTR consultant.  Although this job will call for a lot of responsibility I am looking forward to all of the challenges ahead.  It is a great organization with a great need for occupational therapy in all aspects.  I am excited to help advocate for our profession and work with some amazing individuals.

Here is the website for The Guild if you want to learn more about it!

Ryan Lavalley  
Valerie Lee


Sarah Limburg  
Micayla McGinn  
Timothy McGrath  
Tracy Mueller

Tracy and Mackenzie did quite a bit of sight seeing on the way to the fieldwork site in Visalia California. Tracy made sure to send Georganna a pix of the best part of Las Vegas!

Stephanie Newman  
Jessica Olson  
Brianne Pelletier  
Wendy Potts  
Brianna Rosenbauer  
Gabby Russo  
Stacey Seelig  
Melanie Sinak

Melanie is now officially Melanie Kornblum. Here are pictures from the wedding. Mary Elliott was one of the bridesmaids. Melanie is working in geriatrics currently in St. Louis.

Keri Swickart  
Kari Vangsness  
Angelina Vitucci  


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