Occupational Therapy Class of 2010 Newsletter

Samanta Laichas, Stephanie Applegate, and Chris Calme

Samanta Laichas, Stephanie Applegate, and Chris Calme attended the 2011 OOTA State Conference in Akron, Ohio and paused for a picture with an old faculty member.

Ashton Adkins

1-7-11: Ashton will be joining the staff at Summitt Behavioral Center in January. This is a picture of Gabby for Christmas, 2010.

Samantha Ali

Update 4-15-13: Samantha has been working in Denver Colorado for Life Care of America, but after two years is now going to work for a travel company and is headed to California soon.

Stephanie Applegate  
Chris Calme accepted a position with Cincinnati Children's Hospital at their Eastgate outpatient site
Allison Carroll  
Kara Courtney Mathews
Kara is working at Cincinnati Children's Hospital to work in their inpatient department. Kara has a new baby girl, born in December...Kinsley Mathews. Kinsley is dressed in her XU tennis fan outfit, as her daddy is a tennis coach at Xavier.
Megan Federle

update on 9-19-14: I work in acute care at Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore, MD. At Mercy I work in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and with adult surgical and general medicine patients. I am currently working on developing OT's role in the NICU at Mercy and partaking in other mentoring and leadership opportunities. I see a wide variety of everything at work and I am constantly learning! The pix is of hiking with some friends at Catoctin Mountain National Park in Maryland

Amy Gore Hartman

Amy has moved to Denver and taken a job at a Sensory Integration clinic called Unique Prints. The wedding was on June 11th, 2011.

Melanie Hartley Ponder Melanie accepted a job at HealthSouth in Edgewood Kentucky. She and Phil are married now.
Megan Hellmann  
Samantha Laichas Samantha was hired as a "REAL occupational therapist at Bay Cliff Camp for a second summer. It will be very interesting to be on the non-student side of things, however, I don't think my responsibilities will be any less. COTI is going well too. I work in Indian Hill schools (all of them currently) and all but one of the Norwood City schools. I have about 45 total on my caseload between the schools, which I think is decent. I like school-based therapy, and Linda Campbell is an excellent supervisor. I will eventually learn the clinic side of COTI and then make my way back to a hospital setting eventually. THAT IS, if I cannot get some type of animal-assisted therapy going until then."
Mary Catherine Mahon  
Patrick Mayes  
Jessica McCoy

update on 3-24-11: I was offered and I accepted the position at the Perlman Center. It sounds like I will be working in the young EI classroom with 1-2 y.o., maybe a preschool class, and will be helping with the aquatics groups with 2 physical therapists. I'll be learning about the AT and maybe doing some evaluations as I become comfortable.


Christina Mueller Christina is working at ABC Pediatrics in West Chester.

Ann Nedderman McCroskey

My husband and I have a son, Noah Daniel and he is healthy and a sweetie!

Leann Presley Leann is working at Integrative Therapy Concepts in Mooresville, NC.
Christina Radel Jennings

This is a pix of Paige Morgan Jennings. Born 10/28/13 at 6:31pm. Christy has been working as the rehab manager at Eastgate Springs.

Heather Reiss  
Laura Sauer Works for Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
Rakhi Shrivastava Rakhi is working at The Christ Hospital in Cincinnati
Jaclyn O'Donnell is living in Chicago
Adela Orovay Castella

The wedding in Spain on June 5th, ...everything was perfect. Adela is working at University Hospital

Lydia Powell  
Katherine Schroeder Katie is working at University Hospital in Cincinnati, along with Adela and Jill.
Emily Stattmiller Emily is working for Cincinnati Children's in the College Hill Psych Hospital
Dianne Striebel  
Drew Thompson  
Mary Vanden Bosch  
Elizabeth Wagner Rick

The wedding in Ohio...beautiful! The Life in Hawaii...even MORE beautiful.


Jillian Winhusen Jill is working at University Hospital in Cincinnati, along with Adela and Katie.
Stacey Woytsek  


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