Occupational Therapy Class of 2009 Newsletter

Aimee Arkenau



Cassie Barczewski

Is working at University Hospital in Cincinnati

Sarah Beckelhimer Koehler

This is Sarah and Greg on their wedding day. Sarah has taken a job at The Christ Hospital in Cincinnati.

Rita Brave update on 4-12-10: "I am living in Baltimore, MD working at a very small outpatient pediatric clinic in Annapolis called Chesapeake Occupational Therapy Associates, LLC. We work mainly with 3-8 year olds in clinic and have a few contracts in private schools around the annapolis area. I actually have my first day of work today. I'll move into my apartment this weekend".
Julie Clague Andrasik

Julie now has twin girls in addition to her two year old son Zachary. "They were born July 25th and were each about 7 lbs.  They're fraternal and it was a shock as we have no twins in the family.  I am now working PRN for MetroHealth in Cleveland where I sometimes get to see fellow XU Alumni Megan Wise and Dianne Fisher.  

Ann Dalton Duffy

update on 2-13-14 Lucille (Lucy) Beth Duffy was born on 11/1/13. She's such a happy, smiley baby, and we're loving life as a family of 3. update on 10-7-2011: I'm working now for the Hamilton County Educational Service Center (with Jen Dermody, Kim Gittinger, and lots of other fabulous Xavier alum), and I really like it. It's such a change from CCHMC, and the whole educational model has really taken some getting used to, but I feel much more passionate about working in the schools than working in a clinic. AND I get home when it's still light outside. :-) I even have time to cook dinner now!! I'm in lots of different school districts this year with preschool through middle school. I like the variety...it keeps me on my toes."  Ann got married on May 14, 2011 and now has the last name of Duffy. . Update on 1-18-11: Something fun to share!! Read the research article for Ann, Sarah, and Charissa's research! http://ajot.aotapress.net/content/65/1/96.full

Lindsay Davidson

UPdate on 1-22-11: Lindsay and Lisa Stricker attended the Alumni Reunion Tailgate party on Jan 22, 2011. "I work at ABC Pediatric Therapy Network in West Chester. I will also be working 1-2 days at their westside location which is a small satillite clinic. "

Allyson Harmon Falk

Allyson and Jim were married on May 28, 2011. "Our wedding was so much fun and we couldn't have asked for a better day.  Jim and I are busy getting ready for our honeymoon to San Fransisco, Yosemite and Napa Valley this August.  Jim will be starting his last year of medical school and applying for residency in emergency medicine soon, so it's a good time to get away.  I'm still busy working for Akron City Hospital.  My co-workers are a lot of fun and my job is very rewarding and exciting.  I will be sure to let you know where Jim matches this March.  Who knows, I could be back in Cincinnati!  Hope all is well."

Jesse King Ogg

update 12-19-2011: This is baby Mariah. Jesse is working at Good Samaritan Hospital

Kimberly Lawrence Gittinger

Update on 1-29-13 My husband Brian and I are doing well and getting adjusted to life as parents! Our daughter, Josephine Belle Gittinger, was born on November 18th, 2012.  We feel blessed, sheâ??s been quite a smiley, happy little lady. I attached some pictures. In terms of what I am doing OT wise: I am still working in adult Rehab/Independent Living/Skilled Nursing for Episcopal Homes (Marjorie P Lee and Deupree House in Hyde Park.) I also pick up some PRN with pediatrics just to keep my skills up. I like the mix of populations I see a lot.  But life is good!

Chelsea McAlpin Bartley

Update on 10-8-12: Chelsea McAlpin got married to Michael Bartley on September 22! They honeymooned in St. Lucia. Here's a picture of XU OT alum at her reception


Emily Mertz Is working as a "floater" at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
Sophia Nickras Wolke

Sophy has a new last name! Sophy Wolke married to Joe Wolke (October 9, 2010).
Update 1-16-15:  We are now the proud parents of an awesome little dude named Keegan. He was born in August and we have had so much fun watching him become a little person (who even enjoys tummy time!).

Maria Oliver

Update on 3-31-10: I am working at Lutheran General Hospital in Park Ridge, Il on the Inpatient Rehab unit. Hope everything is going well!!


Charissa Richter update on 3-8-10: "Things are going well. I am at Life Care Center of Greeley in Greeley Colorado and it is fantastic. I am really enjoying it all".
Rachel Ross Fix is working for Aultman Hospital in Canton, OH
Lisa Stricker Lisa attended the alumni reunion tailgate party on 1-22-11. See her in the picture with Lindsay Davidson. Lisa accepted a job at Drake, working on the LTAC floor.
Angela Van Iden Is working at Hyde Park Health Care Center
Megan Wise Is blazing trails for six months out west before settling down into the REAL OT world.


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