Occupational Therapy Class of 2008 Newsletter

Emily Burkart Roessler

Emily is living in the Vero Beach Florida area. "I decided to work in acute care at a hospital in Fort Pierce, FL. The hospital is Lawnwood Regional Medical Center."

Jamie Cain Nimtz

Update on 7-1-14: Jamie married Mike Nimtz and may be moving back to Cincinnati in 2015. She is currently currently working as an OT for Aurora Public Schools in Denver, CO on the Child Find team. "I evaluate children ages 0-5 and assist in getting them EI services if ages 0-3, or preschool services with and IEP if ages 3+. I also work one day a week as the service provider for about 10 preschoolers in the district. I LOVE this job! 

Veronica Eckstein Belickis

UPdate on 8-3-10: I am currently working at a brand new SNF here in Clarksville, Tennessee. I started working PRN for them in December while keeping my former job and then in February they offered me a full time position. It is a beautiful facility with lots of amenities. Our rehab team is made up of 11 full time therapists/therapy assistants and a rehab tech as well as several
PRN and weekend staff. We stay very busy and I love working there.
We have had our house here in Clarksville for two years now and it is really becoming home. Steve (my husband) is currently on his second deployment with the 101st Airborne Division. He has been in Afghanistan; left for this one year deployment in May and is scheduled to come home for a two week R&R in November.

Katherine Eingle

Update 1-22-11. Katherine and Amber Sheehan Lowe attended the Alumni Reunion Tailgate Party on January 22, 2011 and are catching up on old times in the occupations lab. Katherine works at the Perlman Center in Cincinnati.

Courtney Hamilton  
Kathleen Hardy I completed the LEND program at Cincinnati Children's Hospital, which was an amazing learning experience. I am part time at Christ and browsing options in pediatrics and research. The research article we completed in grad school will be published in the Sept/Oct AJOT this year. The Cincinnati Enquirer recently came to Christ Hospital to do an article on one of my patients, who had been living with L UE hemiparesis for over 20 years and the neuro re-ed I completed with her had her using her L UE functionally again within 2 weeks! (pretty cool stuff) I am not sure if the article has been published yet, I would have to check with PR at Christ.
Meridith McLane Hi to everyone ! Here's a quickie update: I'm working at TLC (the place where I did my first Level II last summer). It's a small outpatient clinic (me, Erica, and our boss, Brigid, are the only OT's). Brigid is a wonderful, supportive, and patient boss. I couldn't ask for anyone better.
Sarah Schuck

This is a pix of Rafter and Pixie, Sarah's two newest family members.

Update on6-2014 "I accepted a job with Hamilton County ESC."

Joe Schwendeman Is working at The Christ Hospital in Cincinnati
Amber Sheehan Lowe

Update on 7-14-10: "I met my now-husband Trevor at Veronica Eckstein-Belickis' wedding, we got engaged at the Grand Canyon when I was in Arizona for my 2nd Level II, and we got married May 8, 2010. I work at Cincinnati Children's, 20 hours per week with a developmental caseload, 20 hours with the Outpatient Neurorehabilitation Team (ONRT). Right now my "hobbies" include helping to revise the ONRT employee training, collaborating to develop the CCHMC OTPT position on facial e-stim, and continuing to work on the BPI therapeutic taping manuscript with Carol and Allison Allgier."

Amie Sprague  
Kacia Suever Donnellon Kacia and Tim are now married and her new name is Donnellon. Kacia is now working at Forest Hills for Ultimate Rehab.
Amy Whetstone

Update on 2-19-14: I hope you can feel the love in the attached picture of Alexander and his baby sister Eloise (Ellie) Grace. She was born on 2/9/14 at 2:28AM. She weighed 8 pounds 7 ounces and is 21.5 inches long.
Alexander is absolutely in love with "baby sister". The attached picture is not at all staged but rather his instinct on how to interact with her. It is amazing to see how loving he is. We video taped his meeting her at home and it is priceless! ! She is almost back to her birth weight, has beautiful skin, and is strong and alert. 
! Alexander Grant Whetstone was born on 6/17/11. Amy works at Hamilton County MR/DD. Hope you are all well and enjoy the sun shine
Ryan, Amy, Alexander and Eloise Whetstone



Kuldip Wright


Update on 5-15-14: The picture on the left is of Anika, who is nine now. The pix on the right is of Rohin and Rhea. Update on 7-14-10: I am still employed with Kettering Medical Center in Kettering OH. The kids are doing great! Life is hectic, busy yada yada...:) Rohin Joshua was born on May 25, 2010 Rhea Alexandria Wright was born on January 13, 2009.


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