Occupational Therapy Class of 2005 Newsletter

Sonya Betz Horton

Sonya is working for the Cincinnati Public School System. Her son, Nolan Dennis turned 1 year old on May 11th.

Amber Carpenter
Update on 1-21-08: "I'm still living in Greenville at the moment and bought a house last March. I have recently decided to take a traveling position with HGI Healthcare and will start early March. I'm keeping my house, but it will be empty a lot of the time, so if anyone is interested in visiting Greenville (which is a lovely town I must say) let me know, because you'll have a place to stay. The best part about the new job is the girls (Stella and Luna) will get to go too (like I would go anywhere without them). Soon it will be my 2 year anniversary as a real OT. Crazy isn't it. I feel like I've already wiped my fair share of bottoms, but it's been worth every second. I've got a long list of places to visit with my new job, so hopefully I will see some of you around soon!"
Jennifer Doughman Thompson
Here is a pix from the wedding! Jennifer is working at Children's Hospital in Cincinnati.
Beth Endres

Update on 08-3-12: In 2010 my husband and I moved to Fayetteville, Arkansas for Rich's job with P&G.  We love it here.  The weather is beautiful, the BBQ is tasty and the people are nice!  I worked at an outpatient pediatric clinic and also in a local, rural school district up until the time that we had our son.   Thomas was born September 30, 2011 and I am currently a stay-at-home mom.  Now I spend my days at library programs, taking walks, having playdates with other babies and meeting new moms and friends.  Here is a picture of Thomas at 6 months.  Hope that everyone is well! Beth married Rich Oloffson on July 25, 2009!

Russ Garrison

Update on 11-11-09 Lindsay and I were married 10/28/06. I work for CCHMC at the Drake satellite. My caseload is outpatient rehab - some of the OT, PT and Speech at our satellite have created a niche known as the Outpatient Neuro Rehabilitation Team. I work along side Jen Thompson and we share Becky Rogers as our boss. Wesley Reed Garrison was born 10/2/09 and is absolutely amazing. We're living in Pleasant Ridge.

Scott Gould

update on 2-9-12: I was married to my beautiful wife Vanessa on 10-15-11 in Hilton Head, SC. We bought a house in Indianapolis where we live with our dog Charlie. I have been working at the Indiana Hand to Shoulder Center (formerly the Indiana Hand Center) for the past year and plan to take the CHT exam in November, 2012.

Sara Highfield Strain

update on 12-8-11: Rylan Lucas Strain born 7:57am 12-4-11 7lbs 8ozs. 20in long. Sara works at Chesterwood Village in West Chester, with another Xavier grad, Patrick Mayes.

Erin Munafo-Hill

Update on 7-7-14: Alexander Michael Munafo was born May 14, 2012. He is a very active 2 year old!! He keeps us very busy and happy. When Alex was born I became a stay at home mom. I recently returned to the work force about 6 months ago. I now work for a company called Smart Healthcare and we provide therapy services in a local nursing home. In this setting, I frequently work on wheelchair seating and positioning which I really like and I also spend a lot of time with the residents in the Dementia Care Unit. I only work two and a half days a week so that I can still spend a lot of time with Alex. We are enjoying the warm weather, he loves being outside and is becoming quite the little camper. Update on 2-24-11: Mike and I were married on May 15th, 2010. We still live in Springdale.


Amy Langhorn
works for Hamilton City School District.
Linda Martin
is working in a school system near Dayton.
Betsy Maly Hammersmith


update on 5-14: These are pictures of Cora and Jack Hammersmith. Betsy is working for the Cincinnati Public Schools currently.


Katie Mattingly Bush

Update on 11-11-13 Ben and I welcomed our daughter Eloise June Bush into our little family on 9-11-13 and are having so much fun watching her grow and change every day.  I am still working at Green Hill Therapy and also providing services through Kentucky's First Steps Early Intervention Program.  I completed my RYT-200 in December 2012 so I am now "technically" a yoga instructor.  Although I have not taught any classes, I have enjoyed incorporating yoga into treatment for my kids at work.  Originally I hoped to start offering classes for kids with special needs, but I have put that on the back burner for the time being to focus on my new little bundle of joy.  We'll see what the future brings!

Mara Miller Sampson

I married Andrew Sampson on September 21, 2013, and my official Ohio license will soon read "Mara Sampson" instead of "Mara Miller". I've attached a couple of pictures. Also, this past year I completed a 9 month training to be a yoga instructor (RYT) - it's exciting to use it both in my personal life as well as with the kiddos I work with. Right now I'm loving working in the pediatric outpatient world at Children's Hospital. 

Jane Oliver

sent this picture of her "little" girls on 10-15-07.

update on 5-11-10: I am working for Greene County ESC now, still doing school-based. Linda and I are starting our own business slowly.

Kim Sanders Korth

Update on 3-11-13: First - we are expecting our first child, so that is some fun personal news.  Our little boy is due on July 3rd. :) Next for my professional news.  I continue to work as on occupational therapist at Children's Hospital Colorado, and have come to specialize in feeding and swallowing over the last several years, participating in evaluations in our multidisciplinary Pediatric Oral Feeding Clinic and Swallow Disorders Clinic, as well as providing individual feeding evaluation and treatments.  In 2010, I applied to be our Clinical Training Coordinator for feeding and served in this position for the past 3 years.  That position involved training and staff development in the  specific area of feeding.  Recently, the beginning of 2013 or organizational structure changed and both the OT and PT departments rolled out new Program Coordinator positions - with one being for feeding and swallowing.  I applied, and was offered the position, effective in February.  This new position has a great deal of managerial, as well as significant program development responsibilities for our program.  I cannot say it has been a easy transition as of yet - however I am learning, and think I am starting to get the hang of it :) Lastly, one of my colleagues, who previously participated in re-writing the "Feeding Intervention" chapter in Jane Case-Smith's: Occupational Therapy for Children was asked to complete a re-write for the 7th edition.  She asked my to co-write the chapter with her.  I was given the 5th addition by the Xavier OT Department as a gift for receiving the Virginia Scardina Award back when I was in school.  So - when this opportunity arose, I was more than excited to accept.  And, I am in process of writing the chapter currently.  It is taking A LOT of work - but is due this summer.  I plan to have it completed prior to my due date, as I know I will not be working on it after the baby is here. 

Update on 9-22-11 Here are some pictures from our wedding, as well as a recent pic from a trip to Europe this summer (The Little Mermaid in Denmark)."
Kim and Josh were married in May 2009 "Josh is originally from Wisconsin (I managed to land a midwestern boy after all). We met here in Denver playing softball. He works for a company which sells the software that is put onto the smoke stacks of larger copporations to monitor the emissons they are putting out into the environment."


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