Occupational Therapy Class of 2004 Newsletter

Molly Boehringer Sanders

Update 9-16-13 "Our little girl (Josephine) arrived one week early on September 10th, and at 7lbs 7oz, 20 inches long! She has completely stolen our hearts. Everything is going well as we transitioned to home a few days ago. Just wanted to share the news (and a pic!) being a mom is everything I dreamed it would be and MORE! Molly" Molly is working at Mercy Fairfield Hospital.

Amy Boeke Wellman

Update on 1-17-10 Hi Everyone! It's hard to believe that Keira is 3 months already! Here are her 3 month pictures she just had taken. She did a great job! And of course Keianna is anything but camera shy so she wanted in on the action too! :) Enjoy! Love, Amy Update on 10-15-09 Hello Everyone! Hope all is well at Xavier! If I ever get down to Cincy, I'll stop in and visit. All is going well here! I am still working for TherEx at Joint Township District Memorial Hospital in St. Mary's and still love it. Although, I do have to admit that I'm enjoying my time off with my 2 girls! Here is a picture of the family taken in 2012. Take care! Jim, Amy, Keianna, and Keira

Rita Bushelman update on 11-5-07 "I have now been at Hamilton County Educational Services Center for almost a little over 2 years. I LOVE it! I have had the opportunity to work in several school districts in the area Princeton, St. Rita, Southwest, Northwest, County preschool, and even some in the MRDD schools. I am also working PRN for an agency for some really nice extra money. I love having the opportunity to work with all ages and keep my skills fresh in each area. My heart still lays with the kiddo's, but I have become attached to the elderly as well!. "
Amanda Christy is working for Fairfield City Schools.
Nicole Doucette Pfirman

Update on 1-23-14: Nicole and Matt have four children.   Here is the 2014 Holiday picture for the Pfirman's family. Ella Rose Pfirman was born 4/5/07. Clark Matthew Pfirman arrived on May 28th, 2009. Katelyn "Kate" Marie was born on January 2nd, 2011. Reese Evelyn is the latest member of the Pfirman household arriving in 2013. Nicole is working at Mason City Schools and loving it. "It is SO much different than the hospital setting, the kids are so fun and it is so rewarding to see the progress. We are so excited to be parents and are loving every minute with our little ones".

Christie Fitzpatrick Update on 9-5-08:. I am working fulltime as a rehab manager in long-term care in Morrow OH. I also do evaluations for an Early Intervention program in Highland County where I live. I will also be starting an online doctorate program in occupational therapy at the University of St. Augustine in Florida this fall. The big news is I got engaged this summer and plan to get married next June. So I'm excited about that! :)
Meghan Gleason Yung

Update 11-30-11-10:Here's some updated photos. Ella just turned 3 and Elise was 1 in August 2011. They are a lot of fun and certainly keep me busy! Scott and I are so blessed!" The Yungs live in Edgewood, Kentucky.

Jennifer Illig Meyer

update on 6-28-07 We’ll have been here in Columbia 1 year at the end of August. We really like the area and love that we’re just hours from the beach and the mountains. Our biggest news is that Jacob just turned one! He’s growing fast and is on the move. He’s cruising on whatever he can get a hold of and can get into just about anything in the blink of an eye! Despite always being on the go, he is a very easy and happy baby. I’m working PRN at a rehab hospital and I really like it. I love being able to keep my OT skills somewhat fresh while still being able to stay home with Jacob during the week. It’s a perfect set-up."

Melissa Lovins Dailey Update on 9-7-09: " Keith and I just returned from a two week European vacation with our friends. We traveled to Germany, Netherlands, France and Switzerland. It's was wonderful! . I'm still with Alternate Solutions doing Home Health and really loving the flexibility. I' am working with Kim White & Susanne Ditchen, both XU alum. Cool huh? They have house in Hebron.
Leslie Morrison Bushong Update 11-19-12: "I live in Denver, CO, just got married :) and work in the schools as well as have my own aquatic therapy private practice Poseidon Therapy." Leslie graduated from the Doctoral O.T. Program at Creighton University in May, 2007.
Elizabeth Moszkowicz Mayer

Update on 8-12-10: We have recently added a member to our family- Delaney Rose was born on June 9, 2010. We have been enjoying every minute with her and have loved watching her develop in new ways everyday! Attached is a picture of her at 2 months. I am still working at COTI, in both the clinic and school setting. Tony and I were married on Sept. 23, 2006. We bought a house in Silverton and have been working on making it our own.

Amy Perez Smith

Update 9-12-11 "I had a baby girl on Aug. 22! Her name is Gabriella Grace Smith and she was 8 lbs 7 ozs and 21.5 inches when she was born.  She has been great so far and is as cute as can be (I know I'm biased though!).     I cut my hours down with Warren County's ESC to part time now that I've had Gabriella but am looking forward to working a little and staying home more too." Amy is seen here with her new husband Jason Smith. They were married in July 2008. And, on the right, is Gabriella at one week old.

Allison Rudolph Update on 9-31-07 "A lot has changed these past few months. Greg and I are finally engaged and planning a February wedding! Then, we are off to the Colorado mountains for a week of skiing! We recently accepted a contract on a house and our move-in date is at the end of October. So...needless to say we've been busy these past few months. I no longer work at Riverside. I'm there contingent and put in hours during the summer. I am working at Columbus City Schools, this is my second year. I have school-age kiddos. The majority of the kids I work with have orthopedic handicaps. Therefore, I get to do a lot with assistive technology, which I love! I also have a fair amount of kids who have autism. Everyday is different which keeps me on my toes".
Carrissa Shotwell

Update on 1-3-2012: Hi everyone! Here is a picture from this past summer. We are all doing well.  I'm still at Children's, seeing a lot of hand patients and splinting, with some general development mixed in there too.  The children are twins, Julia Elizabeth and Jude Everett Shotwell. They were born April 19, 2007 .

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