Occupational Therapy Class of 2002 Newsletter

Annie Bolan Wittekind

Update on 5-29-09: Here are some pictures to welcome our little baby boy into our family. William is VERY excited to be a big brother and he has already left battle marks on little Luke. Luke better learn to protect himself pretty quick! Luke Martin Wittekind was born on Sunday night and weighed 7 lbs. 11 ounces and he was 19 1/2 inches long. We have all been doing well at home and have a feeling we will be VERY busy! :) We love you, Annie, Jason, William, and Luke
William Ronald Wittekind was born on April 20, 2008.

Laura Cahill is now back in Cincinnati and working at Good Samaritan Hospital. She bought a house in Mt. Washington..
Lauren Coyle works Good Samaritan Hospital in Cinncinati along with 5 or 6 other Xavier OT grads.
Katie Driscoll Nugent

Update on March 28, 2010: "Logan Nugent was born November 14, 2010 and weighed 7 lb 5 oz and was 20 inches long. ( Here are some pictures of him pretty recently.) He was so cute in the tux at my sister's wedding. He is such a happy little boy! Katie is now working at Good Samaritan Hospital. Joe and I also got a house in the Kenwood area."

Stacia Galey

writes this update on 4-10-13: Kollen is 7. Kamdyn is 6. Ashtym is 4. Keith and Stacia still live in Indiana in their dream home that they were building her senior year of college. Stacia is working at COTI. Stacia is also an adjunct faculty and teaches the group process course each year.

Carnita Gregory Marshall Update 1-20-09: "I am excited to announce the arrival of my new baby boy! His name is Donovan Marshall, and he was born on December 27, 2008 (he granted my wish of coming after Christmas and before the New Year to take advantage of the tax deduction HaHa!) He arrived weighing 6lbs 11oz. My husband and I are thrilled and enjoying each day!. Other than that, I am still working at Good Sam, and plan on going back to work after maternity leave in mid-March. Attached is a picture of my son ."
Cirita Johnson Watson landed a job at Elkhart General in Elkhart Indiana. She was married in March, 2003 (pictured left). They now have a daughter Elianna (pictured right) and Cirita works part time so that she can spend time with her new baby girl!
Kelly Kirby

... update on 11-15-07: "We are all doing well- had our second little girl on Sept, 10, 2007... Riley Elise, and Addyson is 3 years old now. Should be moving into our new house in about 3 weeks. Things have been pretty busy this year and I am ready for them to slow down. I go back to work on Nov. 26 th and would be very ready for it if I could just strap the baby to my back and take her with me. I am still working in homecare and think it is a really good fit for me-will be there 5 years in January. Time Flies."

Rachel Kloha Hooker

update on 8-13-12 This is Kaleb, and proud parents. update on 4-4-11: Hello Friends! Baby Kaleb is now home with us and doing VERY well. He is eating like a pig, sleeping like a champ, and well...getting rid of the food like a pro as well. :) Day of Birth March 18, 2011 Time of Birth 10:18 AM Weight 7 lbs, 9 ozs Length 19.75 inches. Rachel works as the Tastefully Simple Senior Consultant at Select Specialty Hospital in Lexington. Rachel is married to Nathan Hooker.

Kerry Korody


Update on 3-10-14: I am still working full time and trying to get my business to grow enough that I could potentially quit my full time job and transition to that.  Clare is 18 months old and is doing fantastic!  I am so blessed.   Kerry

Update on 4-4-08: I was in Cincinnati the end of February for Tara's Wedding! I hadn't been back to Cincinnati in years. Lots has been going on in my life. I am in my third year working for Del Mar Union School district here in San Diego. It is a challenge at times but I love it. I also have been doing some private early intervention on the side. I enjoy working with the little ones. You can make such a difference. I am engaged and planning a wedding for Oct. 25, 2008. Dustin Boesch proposed right before the wild fires so I definitely won't forget the proposal date. We were evacuated from our home and it was quite scary! We had closed on our house at the end of August and here we were not even two months later evacuating. The wedding plans are coming a long. We have decided on a San Diego wedding even though neither one of us are from the area. He grew up in Nebraska and is a Mechanical Engineer. Kerry completed her certification in early intervention through SUNY medical center.

Jessica Lane Muchmore Jessica and her husband "JJ" live in Dayton. Jessica accepted a part-time job at the Orthopaedic Institute of Dayton which specializes in Hand Therapy. Jessica passed the Hand certification course in June 2009 and is now officially a "CHT". In this picture are: "Ryan Xavier Muchmore" and daughter"Madeline Elizabeth".
Cindy Moll writes: "I am working for a non-profit organization in Boston called the Home for Little Wanderers. I work in the Early Intervention program working with at risk children and their families. We just got a grant so I am hoping to finally get some actual therapy equipment (although I am afraid that will stifle my creativity that is being challenged in the non-profit world of home visits). I also work in a residential school program run by the Home for adolescent boys with behavioral and emotional issues - I am adressing their issues by doing yoga with them each week. I am having a blast and love living in a big city where I still have the opportunities to get out and do the outdoor things I enjoy." Cindy was recently chosen by her agency to do a TV commercial promoting occupational therapy. She has also started back at school. Update July 2005: "I am still in Boston. I will finish up my medical school prereqs at the end of this summer. I am still working in early intervention and loving every bit of it. I presented a case study on yoga in early intervention last month at an early intervention conference".
Amber Newell writes this update:
I am loving and living well in New York. I was definitely born to end up in this terrific city. My job is still great. I passed probation with flying colors. The only down side to my job occurred during the blackout when I had to walk 4 1/2 hours to get from the Bronx to my apartment. But I survived and even managed to drink a few beers to celebrate the darkness." Amber works for The Shield Institute in pediatrics
Kim Olson White

Kate, 6 Lauren, 3 Ella, 1

Kim is the working for a home health agency. Kim and her husband Paul live in White Oak, (suburb of Cincinnati).
Update on 2-26-10: Kim's third daughter, Ella, was born on October 9, 2009 and was just shy of 10lbs! Chunky girl but so sweet! Paul has finally accepted there are no boys in his future...:) Big sisters love her to pieces! We are good just insanely busy and tired!
In the picture is Lauren--born November 16 2008 and her big sister Kate, who was born on 12/27/04.

Angela Rohling Gregory

(pix of Angela and Mike is from 9-10-07) (pix of baby is from 3-4-10)

Update 3-9-10: "This picture is of Katherine Gayle Gregory in the hospital when she was two days old. She was born on 3/2/10 and weighed 6 pounds 4 1/2 ounces and 19 1/4 inches long."

"I have been working at Willowbrook Home Health here in Nashville, and I’m loving married life and loving my job. These days I stay pretty busy with work, keeping house, and chasing around after Mike. He works in the sports field and also travels to most games of his alma mater U.T."

Now...Angela will be chasing around the house after Katherine Gayle.

Amy Rothgeb Browand

Update 7-11-11: " I am living in Columbus working in acute care at Riverside Methodist Hospital. I have a 2 1/2 year old named Evan Michael and a new addition of our 3 month old Tyler Christian."

Kara Sebastian

This is Greta and Max, Kara's children. Kara took a position with Warren County ESC. "I'll be at the MRDD lebanon preschool, doing a sensory-motor group at Countryside YCMA, and doing school age and preschool in Springboro schools.
Doug and I were married July 2, 2005. Gotta love those Xavier guys (we met when we were freshman)." .

Brian Sokol is working towards becoming a CHT...is still in Richmond Virginia, and got married to Katina Phillips. Brian switched in May 2007 to Advanced Orthopaedic Centers doing hand therapy full time. He is planning to sit for the CHT exam in 2008. "My wife and I got our first house in January and we have been busy with renovations and yardwork… never thought I would watch DIY network. I have developed a passion for cooking and spend a great deal of time researching new recipes and trying them out on friends. Other than that I spend my time reading hand journals, playing Wii (changed my life!) and training our puppy chloe (half pug half beagle… all nightmare). I miss Cincinnati and I am planning on a trip to visit Xavier, OT department, and my sister in Dayton. Please tell everyone I said hello!"
Tara Turner Brock

Tara has a new son, Jameson, who was born in November 2009. Tara works for COTI in the Anderson Satellite. She got married in 2007.

Adrianne Zick Kluener

update on 6-12-12: "We bought our first house last August and both Todd and the kids love having a yard to play in.  I am still at the hospital working in Pediatric outpatient and NICU but am also fortunate enough to be part time so I can spend time with the boys.  Aaron is 4 and will be starting VPK in the fall and Liam will be 2 in September, though he thinks he is 4 like Aaron.  They boys are great together and LOUD!  They make me laugh with the games they come up with and I love watching them figure out how the world around them works." Adrianne and Todd live in Ft. Myers, Florida.

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