Occupational Therapy Class of 2001 Newsletter

This XU OT kids play date shows the next generation from the Class of 2001. These are the children of Kate Young Lopez, Cathy Lampe Witte, Mary Murray Nester, and Allison Carter Dumont. Clockwise around the tables are Paul Dumont, Alejandro Lopez, Avery Witte, Nicholas Witte, Olivia Nester, Issac Dumont, and Andrew Nester.

Laura Berlier Mayer

update on 2-17-09: Laura still lives in Indianapolis and has three kids: Isaac, Samuel and Paige. "Does anyone else move around as much as I do?? I'm now working in Home Health... 6 months now. It is something I always had in the back of my mind but thought "I need more experience before being out on my own." I was struggling at my nursing home to meet the productivity standards, as much as I enjoyed it there. So when I got a mailing from Nightingale Home Healthcare advertising a position I thought I'd try. I must say in all the settings I've tried: Inpatient, Rehab., Outpatient, Drivers evaluation, Long Term Care, First Steps and now Home health; I've enjoyed something about every setting. I'm really glad I've gotten the full picture in my experience of the Healthcare continuum. It helps me identify with my patients and all they've been through too. I do enjoy home health with the flexible schedules... it works for now :) Actually I hope to be staying put for a few years this time and maybe longer."

Tracy Blake Paskoff

update 1-24-14: We have adopted a baby. Hayes William Paskoff was born 12/27/13 in Warsaw, Indiana, and Chris and I have been with him since he was 12 minutes old. Due to rules about crossing state lines, we had the privilege of staying in a hotel room with him for 2 weeks in Indiana before we were able to bring him home to Virginia, which was made more interesting by the "polar vortex." :) It actually wasn't that bad, we were just ready to come home! He's a pretty mellow little guy, and we are happy to have him home with us. Chris and I live in Falls Church, VA. I work 3 days a week doing acute care at a hospital, and the other 2 working with junior high students at a school in DC for kids with learning disabilities. I love the variety and flexibility that having 2 part-time jobs provides.

Tricia Carroll lives in Hamilton Ohio, works for the Lakota School District. Update 5-13-08: This is the complete Carroll family: Lillian Grace who is 3 years old, Colton who is 4 1/2 and a half. and Addie who is 11 months. Tricia is expecting baby # 4 in October.
Allison Carter Dumont

Hello All!  The new picture is of our precious Audrey, born Sat 8/27 at 2:48pm.  At 9 lb 7oz and 22 inches long, she is one big bundle of sweetness!  We are just so blessed and grateful; really enjoying our time at home as a family of 5! Love to all of you!

Alli, Joe, Paul, Ike and Audrey Dumont

Angie Corso lives in Cincinnati and is married. No other information available.
Nicki Embree Martin

Update 3-21-11: Nick and I are happy to report our son was born the day after my birthday on 2/23/11 at 9:57 pm. Gage Michael Martin was 9 pounds 2 ounces and 22 inches long. Nick and I got married after 6 years of dating and I'm now Nicki (Embree) Martin. Nicki is working for Rehab Resources.

Laura Fong Feng update 11-28-07: "I recently moved back to Cincinnati, Ohio. I currently live in the Montgomery area and stay at home with our two kids, Hannah 3.5 and Timothy 22 months."
Linda Garrett Phipps

Update on 8-2-12: Here is a pic of Stuart and the kids at the zoo.  Grace is now 3 and Nathaniel is 7 in the pix on the right..  I am leaving Warren County Early Intervention after 5 years and starting a new adventure in the school systems.  I will be working part time in a contract with Lakota School District's preschool program.

Ryan Gudhe Posted June 2005: "I am now living in Chicago, finishing up a Master's degree in Arts Management, and working for Actors' Equity Association (The national union for professional Actors and Stage Managers). The arts were an area where I enjoyed hobbies and free time"
Heather Harris Ventor was living in Lexington, Kentucky, but recently quit her job at Cardinal Hill Hospital to become a traveling therapist. She will be working in Boise Idaho this summer. Update July 2005: I am still working for a traveling company. My husband, Andy, and I fell in love with Boise, ID last summer so we returned for another placement this summer. Our assignment here will not be completed until the end of August. We have completed assignments in AZ, OR, ID, and WA. Unfortunately after 1.5 years my husband has decided it is time to return home closer to family. We will likely return to KY at the end of this assignment. Nothing else is new here. No kids, just one spoiled dog".
Mary Helmsing Hoff

Pix Update on 12-2009: On August 15, 2008, Mary delivered Bridget Kathryn Hoff. She came 3 weeks early but was healthy, weighing 6 lbs 13 oz and was 20 inches long. Previous update: "I am loving life back home in St. Louis. I work full time at Cardinal Glennon Children's Hospital, primarily on the rehab unit and I love it! When rehab is not full, I spend time in the NICU, PICU, and on the acute care floors." Mary is the president of the St. Louis Chapter of the Xavier Alumni Club.

Jillian Joseph Pelland

Update 1-7-11:I have been planning to send a picture, but will have a new addition in a few months, so was going to wait until then. We're adopting a 1 year old boy from Ethiopia. He should be here either this spring or summer. We've experienced a lot of delays, so I'm planning for it to take longer than it should. Once he's here, we'll have a 6 year old (Ella), 4 year old (Owen), 2 year old (Cate) and a 1 year old (Obsa). I'll keep you posted! Take care.
Update 8-07-08: Jillian lives in the Akron area and is currently at stay at home mom. My daughter, Ella, is 3.5 years old now and my son, Owen, is just about a year and a half. I am expecting our third baby in November. We don't know if it's a boy or a girl...we like to be surprised! I am due the day after Thanksgiving. People keep joking that this baby will be our middle child cause I just love being a mommy (although it does have it's challenges!!). We'll see! I'd have as many as my hubby would let me have!

Mary Klei works for Cincinnati Public Schools, and has a son (born Oct. 2002) named Solomon. Update fall 2004:Terry and I moved to Fairfield last year and now have two little boys. Samuel was born in December of 2003. Big first birthday right around the corner. Solomon turned two in October. I am working on a private contract, providing OT services to two pre-school children at Children's Meeting House (a Montessori school in Loveland). It is an occupational therapist's dream and I have been very happy there. I still pick up PRN at Drake as well.
Kristen Knapik

no information available.

Cathy Lampe Witte

Cathy and three of her four children are seen here at the Alumni Reunion Tailgate Party on Jan. 22, 2011. Cathy works for Cincinnati Occupational Therapy Institute covering school systems. Pictured are Ethen, Chandler, and Avery and Nicholas for Christmas 2009.

Melissa Lawson Reichle

Update 7-23-14 : I still work for the Cincinnati Veterans Administration Medical Center at their Community Living Center in Fort Thomas; primarily with short term rehab and long term care patients. Jon and I were married in 2008. We live in Mason, OH. My husband and I recently adopted a retired racing greyhound and I'm a very proud pet mom. So, I'm attaching a picture. That brings us to 3 cats: Monster,  Luke (who is also in the picture), and Leia; along with our newest addition, Lily. Apparently I'm going down the crazy pet lady path, so I can't help myself sometimes!

Tina Leap

works in a nursing home in Northern Kentucky.

Kari Mergel Williams

Kari lives in Abilene, Texas with her husband who is stationed in the military there. Kari works as a senior therapist on an inpatient rehabilitation unit at Hendrick Medical Center. She completed a Master's degree in Rehabilitation Science from Texas Tech University. Kari has three daughters now. Avery Marie Williams was born March 21st, 2005, Addison was born on Friday Dec. 8, 2006 and Amelia was born January, 2010.

Mary Murray Nester Update 9-24-07: "Andrew David and Olivia Lynn arrived in this world on September 22, 2007 at 4:30 and 4:37 a.m., respectively. Mary and Sean and the family live in Fairfield and Mary works for Hand Rehab of Western Hills. Mary is working on an advanced masters degree in OT at the University of Indianapolis, and served as an adjunct faculty for the Xavier OT department in Fall 2006. The twins are big Xavier Basketball fans already.
Judith Ponder Touhey works at Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton.
Christy Quinter Update on 8-4-08. "We just moved again; we're now at Fort Irwin, California for the next 3 years. Ron had tried to get a position in Columbus, Ohio, but the army offered him a really good position here so he couldn't pass it up. We're just South of Death Valley, halfway between Las Angeles and Las Vegas. We're slowly adjusting to the desert heat, only 102 degrees today! I just got my CA license and am planning on looking for a job here, but I want to wait until the kids are back in school and we get back on some sort of routine. Brad is going into 7th grade and Riley is starting kindergarten this year. School starts August 11th so they're both gearing up and getting excited. Hope everyone is doing well. Take care!"
Becky Trammel King was married in May, 2002. Becky works at West Park long term care in Western Hills.
Lisa Tucker

Lisa and Rolando Monterosa live in San Lucas Guatemala and welcomed their son, Lucas Santiago Monterosa Tucker. Lisa met Rolando on one of the XU OT department service learning trips to Guatemala and they married in 2012. Lisa is doing OT in Guatemala but she and Rolando also have started their own mission work. Lisa and Rolando served as hosts for the 2014 XU OT service trip during the first week of June, when Lisa was VERY pregnant.


Laura Tyson Peterson Laura is now Laura Peterson. She works for Rockford City Schools.
Jenny Velazco Lowe works for Reid Hospital in Richmond, Indiana.
Mindy Warthman Update 1-10-11: I am still living in Chicago. I joined a travel OT company called Cross Counrty Travcorp. I have not left Chicago as of yet but never know :) I like it because I am learning so much and learning to be more flexible than I ever thought an OT should have to be...but isn't that what we learned at Xavier...be flexible. I do enjoy it very much.
Kate Young

Update on 1-7-11: This is Kate, Miguel, and Alejandro David Lopez! Kate still works at Mercy Franciscan Mt Airy Hospital. Kate is currently the secretary for the XUOT alumni association. Kate also traveled with the OT faculty, OT students and area clinicians on two service learning trips to Guatemala in June, 2008 and 2010. Kate is an adjunct faculty member for Xavier' OT Program.

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