Occupational Therapy Class of 2000 Newsletter

Heather Abernathy Driver

lives northwest of Dayton in Greenville and has a son.

Sara Baur is now working for Cincinnati Public Schools. "I recently began to develop an interest in traveling overseas. This past May, I traveled to Ireland, Scotland and England for about 3 weeks with a few people that I used to work with at Summit Behavioral Healthcare. Since I will have the summer off from the schools, I am hoping to travel to Australia and New Zealand for the summer, where I plan to go scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef."
Heather Basti Boettcher

UPDATE 1-18-11: Heather has two daughters, Hannah and Greta, who are pictured here. "Hannah is 7 & Greta is 5. I am doing home health on the west side of town & loving it! "

Jason Burkhart ...is living in West Chester (and has a swimming pool in his back yard!) and works for a long term facility in Tri County. Jason and his wife have 2 boys- 3 and 4 years old, and they also, trying to adopt from butler county.
Stephanie Butler Emrick Update on 4-30-08 I am working full time for Hamilton County Educational Service Center at Forest Hills School District. I had been waiting for an opportunity to get into FHSD for awhile since it's the district we live in...not to mention it's a very good one) I am serving the 3 elementary autism units and supervising 3 COTAs. It's very busy, but good. I have really enjoyed this year...although I am definitely ready for summer vacation!
Our son, Joey is 2 years old now. Joseph "Joey" Howard Emrick was born on March 2nd, 2006. He is great...talks non-stop and has quite a sense of humor. He cracks us up everyday!! We've had some glimpses of those "terrible twos"...but so far, so good. We are still living in Anderson, but are quickly outgrowing our 2 bedroom house.
Shannon Covey Dickman

update on 4-12-12: Here are newest pictures of the family. Maura is one, Ryan is three, and Abby is eleven. Abby goes to St. Ignatius school and is a backstroke specialist on the Tiny Torpedos swim team. Ryan Dave works downtown at American Financial Group. Shannon is working PRN for a couple of the Mercy skilled facilities. Shannon spearheaded a mini-clinical program between TUH and XU to increase practical education of OT students on acute care. With love, Dave, Shannon, Abby, Ryan and Maura

Michelle DiCristoforo lives in Cincinnati and has two sons and a daughter now.
Karin Dunkin Weiss update on 10-22-07: We moved to Rockville, Maryland last April. My husband Andrew is in the Navy and was stationed at the National Naval Medical Center just outside DC. Our home is about a 10 minute drive to both NBCOT's headquarters and AOTA! We have a couple of additions to our family...Cecily was born March 2, 2006 and Dominic was born August 1, 2007. Two in diapers....we're staying quite busy to say the least! " Karin works at a nursing home in the Rockville area.
Nyda Fleming Kidd

update on 8-25-08: I've taken a rehab specialty position with Amedisys Home Health and it is much more flexible than being on the road all day. It's a lot of marketing. It's something I never thought I would do, but I love it. Madilyn Grace was born on November 13, 2006. The picture was taken when at Christmas 2008.

Kate Glover is living in Boulder, Colorado, and married a guy named "Rhett" who owns a large ranch in Wyoming. Kate is doing pediatrics and a variety of emerging practice area interventions, including a group for sex education for MR/DD population. On March 23, 2004, Kate wrote "I won Dayspring Employee of the Year at our Christmas party this year! I was really excited. I am currently teaching two classes now...one more related to social skill development and relationship foundations, and one more related to forming intimate relationships, etc. I am also excited about going to Sheffield, Massachusetts in august for training through the Autism Society of America. The program is called Son-Rise. I have also chartered a small creative business, which I call K8's Creations...mainly beadwork, small scale from a business standpoint, but still a fun outlet."
Stephanie Graef Bachman sends the following update I'm now in charge of all of the OTR students that come through all 6 buildings of the Aultman Health Foundation - placing them, making sure we have up to date contracts, etc." Stephanie is married to Frank Bachman of New Philadelphia, Ohio. Frank is a 2001 graduate of The University of Akron. He is employed as the quality assurance manager at Precision Component Industries in Canton, Ohio. The couple (pictured left) will married April 23, 2005, at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Massillon, Ohio.
Barb Grooman lives in Mason Ohio and works long term care for Smart Health Care, Inc. Update July 2005 "I am working in long term care at Lebanon Country Manor in Lebanon, enjoying it most of the time. My oldest
son, Brian, will be a senior next year at university of Maryland as a physics/math major. Kevin will be a 2nd year student at the same university as an engineer".
Sarah Hanafee Defeo

Update on 6-8-11: Marc, Sarah, and Anthony welcome the newest addition to the family! Charles Agostino "Charlie"
Born: Jun 03, 2011 At 10:00 PM 7 lbs 1.8 oz 20 inches
Anthony Michael was born on March 02, 2008. Sarah married Marc DeFeo on Oct 15, 2004. He is a correctional officer. They have a house in the Boston area. Sarah was recently promoted to OT Supervisor for the Psychiatry program at the hospital she has been working at for several years. "My unit is 21 beds, but we also have a 28 bed geropsych and 12 bed adult psych unit."

Sara Hanley Moss lives in Cincinnati, works for Jewish Hospital, and has two children. John David Moss was born on December 17, 2003, and Samantha Moss was born on January 1, 2007.
Julie Holscombach Lauder Update July 2005, Julie writes "My husband, daughter and I have relocated to Greenville, South Carolina. He is working as a CHT for Clemson Sports Medicine (affiliated with Clemson University) and I am working for Greenville Hospital System in the outpatient peds program (Kidnetics). We absolutely love it up here - awesome environment and weather, nice people - overall great place to live and raise a family".
Josyln Jacobs Palange is working in the Akron area. "I have been married for over a year now and loving it! I currently work for a contract agency in the Akron area in three different school districts and I am working a few hours a week at Cleveland Clinic Children's Hospital for Rehabilitation. I am so glad that I started with pediatrics and am still glad to be doing peds! So that's life here in Cleveland!" Update March 2005 "We just wanted to share our exciting news with everyone and some photos! Our little princess was born February 22, at 924 in the morning weighing 7 pounds 5 ounces and 19 inches long. Her name is Kendall Julia. We are all adjusting to life with little sleep and lots of diapers and smiles! Here is a photo of our little joy!"
Suzanne Johnson Ditchen


Update on 9-19-11: We have two new additions to the family. Last September, we had a set of twins! Julianne and Jonah Ditchen. That makes four children for us. Emma is five, Elena is three and the twins are one.....life is a fun, crazy roller coaster here! Elena Ruth Ditchen was born on May 17, 2008 and was 7 lbs 3 oz and 18.5 inches. Emma Grace will be 2 years old in September. I'm still working 2days/wk PRN for Alternate Solutions Homecare to keep a hand in the ever changing health care field.  Missy Dailey and Kim White are the other OTs there so we're all Xavier grads!!! 

Susan Kampinga Heyob

Susan got married in June, 2002 and lives in Villa Hills, Kentucky. She is working part time at Redwood Rehabilitation Center in Northern Kentucky. Susan has three children; a son Mason Patrick Heyob, born in January, 2005, and a daughter Ellie, and a new arrival on 5-11-2010 Abbey Marie. "Everyone is adjusting well and Mason and Ellie love her to death (sometimes a little to much :) Mason and Ellie are doing well. They are trying to adjust to the new sibling thing which I think is going well for the most part, but every now and then we have our meltdowns and flat out defiance moments."

Sara King Graf


Update on 11-9-12 Sara and her family attended the XU OT alumni reunion party and enjoyed attending the Men's Basketball game that night. "Matthew is now 8, Nathan is 6, and Nicole is3. We are living in Indiana. I am working with First Steps."

Patty Knee Update on 8-4-08: "We are moving to Savannah, GA on August 11th. My husband grew up there and we both hate snow/cold weather. We went down on vacation in June for a class reunion and a friend of my husband is married to a SLP who knew of a home health agency looking for an OT. On July 3rd, Amedysis offered me a job so here we go! So...anyone looking for a house on the west side of town?"
Patty has a daughter, Hannah born 12-14-01. Hannah is pictured right.
Heidi Mueller Zimmer

update on 4-8-09: Introducing Madelyn Ann, born on February 7, 2009. "Things with me are going well. My husband PJ and I live in South Bend as he is completing his MBA at Notre Dame. We moved here in August of 2006 in order for PJ to start the program. He finishes in May and has accepted a job with Whirlpool which is in the St. Joe/Benton Harbor area of Michigan. We'll live in South Bend and he'll commute about 35 min each way, not bad. I work for First Steps and specifically the Logan Center here in South Bend. I love it. I'm part of their building blocks (early intervention) team, and I do home visits in South Bend and the surrounding areas."

Karen Payne Ronningnen was married in April 2003. She is working PRN at Jewish Hospital in acute care. Karen and husband Jeff live in Hyde Park. Karen & Jeff now have two beautiful daughters, The first one, Madeline Grace is pictured at right. She was born September 16th, 2004. Second daughter, Alex, was born April, 2006. Madeline is now in preschool!! Alex is doing well, she is a daredevil... no fear in that girl. Jeff is extremely busy but doing well. My mom is still working but with a new nursing home in Batavia (close to her home) Dad & Cyn are doing more remodeling, Charlotte is doing great 87 & still kicking!!
Tara Prater update on 8-16-07 Tara lives in Maysville Kentucky and is the director of rehabilitation services at Ohio Valley Manor. She recently received certification in the NDT. Tara is working with patients in about all areas pediatrics through First Steps, nursing home, home health, and probably input/outupt at a small local hospital. She has two daughters Victoria and Cayce. Husband "Kelly" is a police officer for a local police department. Tara would like everyone to e-mail her at tprater2000@yahoo.com.
Debbie Schutzman Dobbelhoff is working part time in the school systems for the Rehab Continuum. Debbie and Dave are expecting their second baby in February 2007. Their first child, Katie Elisabeth Dobelhoff was born on 4/30/04. Debbie and Karen Payne Ronniger share childcare options, so Katie Elisabeth is best friends with Madeline Grace Ronniger. Update 3-5-07 He's finally here! Benjamin David Dobelhoff was born on 2/27/07 at 206pm. He was 8lb1.6oz and 20.5 inches long. Katie is a big helper and doing great with such a big change. We love visitors if anyone needs a 'baby fix'.
Matt Schwendeman

Update on 9-26-12: Jamie and I are expecting the birth of our fourth child in February 2013. Lucy Marie Schwendeman was born on Feb. 15, 2007, George Edmond Schwendeman was born in May, 2008 and Walter Schroeder was born on 2/9/10.
Matt is working for Children's Hospital in Cincinnati and is supervising the OT program at their psychiatric hospital satellite in College Hill. Matt and his wife, Jamie now live in Mt. Lookout.

Christine Smith Sadecki

Update on 6-9-11: Chris is starting her own company, called "Reach for the Stars" where she will be doing the Early Steps programs. She is lives in Florida, with her parents living only 5 minutes away. Ryan Michael Sadecki was born on Monday November 7, 2005. . "Leah Christine Sadecki was born Friday November 16, 2007. I can't believe sometimes I'm a mom of 2! Time sure flies and we are so incredibly happy and blessed. The pix is Ryan's graduation from PreSchool.

Jackie Staugler Renegado


update on 1-16-06 I just wanted to let you know that in November 2005, I married Bob Renegado. We currently live in the Dayton area, and I am still working at the MVSERRC. Happy New Year!

Darcy Tharp Rockwell lives in Madeira and works for Genesis HealthCare. She was married in June 2002. These are her two children, A.J., and Addie.
Mollie Vail Moore

sends the following update on 3-8-08 "here is our exciting news.....Gavin Joshua was born on December 30, 2007! He was 8 pounds 13 ounces and 21 inches long. He is such a sweet baby, and other than being exhausted, everyone is adjusting well. We are definitely staying busy! I am a full-time mom and having a lot of fun with it. Jamie and I adopted our first two children, a little girl named Caryes Elaine who is 4 and a son named Wesley who is 2 years old. We are living in Lakewood Ranch, a fairly new development just east of 75 near Sarasota.

Amy Wallace is living on Lake Tahoe in California and working at Barton Memorial Hospital. " Work is going great! I'm currently doing outpatient hand therapy and help out on the acute floor as well. I have also supervised a Level 2 student. I recently bought a house. I'm dating someone special, Tito, and things are going really well. He's in school for PT." Any is taking the CHT exam in November 2006.
Sara Weinstein Oravecz got married to Marc Oravecz (O-rah-vis) August 31, 2002 and live in their hometown of Copley, Ohio. I'm now working at Akron Children's Hospital and loving it!! I'm training in the NICU and work both inpatient and outpatient. update on 2-10-06 I just wanted to share with you my new arrival. Evan Mitchell Oravecz was born on January 27, 2006 and weighed 7 pounds exactly. We are all doing well and having fun learning about each other. Hopefully I'm raising a budding Musketeer!!

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