Occupational Therapy Class of 1999 Newsletter

Jennifer Biliuris Sydes

Nov 10, 2009 Luke's almost 14 mo. old now - I can't believe it. He's been walking for 3 months (he runs now), and talks up a storm. His vocabulary consists of 10-12 most important words, such as "dog", "car", and his favorite: "ball". Luke was born Sept 3, 2008 after what has to be the easiest labor ever. I actually treated patients all day with what i thought was just a particularly bad backache, and Luke was born at 10:51 that night! He missed his due date (Sept 4) by 1 hour and 9 minutes."

Donna Bischoff Davidson

Donna still lives in Sunman, Indiana and is working for University Hospital in Cincinnati. Her family has grown to include Kayla who is 14 years old now, Xavier, who is 2, and Joselyn Faith. This picture is from Christmas, 2008.


Rachel Blum Lott

Rachel and husband Jim live in Lebanon, OH. " I am now working for the Warren County ESC serving preschools in Warren County...all 20 minutes or less from my house." Rachel has a one daughter, Lauren Elizabeth Lott, born November 22, 2005, and a son: Alexander James was born on September 13, 2007. This picture is from Christmas 2010.

Rhonda Bonecutter update on 4-24-07: Rhonda works in SNF's, Acute Hospitals, and Acute Rehab facilities in the San Francisco Bay area.
Michael Chitwood is working at St. Elizabeth's Work Center in Edgewood, KY.
Laura Claydon Wallace is working at Ft. Hamilton Hospital. Update on 3-8-10: "My husband, Brian has taken our son, Joshua, to the XU basketball games a few times this year, but I've stayed home with our other son, Isaac. Joshua likes to talk to anyone who will listen about the Musketeer and the blue blob, and, of course, the basketball players".
Karrie Eder Stanley

update on 7-7-09: Ryan William Stanley was born on May 27, 2009. He was 9lb 5oz when he was born and is now about 12 1/2 pounds- healthy and happy! Howard and I are enjoying him, especially now that those rough first couple weeks are behind us and he's now starting to smile and play with us. I'm off until the 2nd week of August and will then be heading back to work part-time which I'm looking forward to. Karrie and her family are living in Chicago and she is working as therapy director at a home health agency started by a former nursing colleague.

Andrea Engel Dixon Update on 9-14-11: Andrea has a four year old daughter, named Anna. is a Division Director for the Resident Home Corporation in Cincinnati.
Jamie Harpring lives in Sarasota, Florida and works for Genesis Rehabilitation Services in an assisted living facility. Update on 7-3-08: "I got married in October of 2007 and gave birth to my first child on March 6, '08. I had a girl and her name is Sara Elizabeth Martin."
Jeff Hicks is working for Hamilton County Board of MR/DD at the Jackson Adult Workshop.
Jennifer Hill is working at King's Daughter Hospital in Madison Indiana.
Susan Innes Davis

update on 10-4-10 "I'm still working at a hospital doing acute care only. My hospital just installed a new intraoperative MRI for brain surgeries, so we have been seeing more post op craniotomy patients. My husband, Steven, and I were married in 2001 so we will be celebrating nine years in December. We have three cats who all think they are dogs and will play fetch if they are in the mood, and all three are lap cats. Steven and I also have a videography business. We mostly film weddings and this year have branched out into some photography as well. Check us out at DroptoDesign.com or find our group on Facebook. You may see a glimpse here and there of me in the video samples. Between working full time and having a part time business we stay pretty busy, but I always make time to follow XU basketball. It's great when they come to play the University of Richmond, because we get to see them live."

Kristen Jensen Naderer

Update 11-23-09: Jackson Peter ("Jack") was born May 22, 2009 at Good Sam, 7 lbs 3 oz and 20 in. at birth, healthy and happy. We're blessed that he's such an easygoing baby--works out well for first time parents! He's 6 months now and changing every day. We just love that little guy!" Kristen got married, on April 22, 2006 in Cincinnati to Pete Naderer, a northern Ohio native and Bowling Green State University grad. I started at Jewish Hospital in November 2007 and am loving it so far, including working with XU OT alumni. Pete and I moved to the 'burbs of Anderson Township. We also have an 8 y.o. Jack Russell terrier.

Heather Kirk Foos writes this on 8-3-86: My husband Kevin and I live in Chardon, OH with our daughters Julia (5) and Ava (2). In addition to my busy family life I have managed to stay quite active professionally on a part-time basis. I recently had the article "Relaxation Training: Applications for Clinical Practice" published in OT Practice. I work at the Cleveland Clinic as a contractor, have taught classes on relaxation techniques at Baldwin Wallace College and developed and taught seminars at a local wellness center. I love the flexibility OT offers and I love what I do!
Amy Krumm Kelly writes this update on 1-09-06: "The biggest news for me is that Quentin Christopher was born on December 9, 2005 weighing in at 8 pounds 10 ounces. He's a dimpled darling with wavy red hair. Big brother Grant (who turns 2 on January 13) seems to like him so far.... As for me, I'm staying active in the OT world working several PRN jobs a couple days a week. I like the variety of experiences I am getting. But most importantly, I LOVE the flexibility that gives me time home with my little boys!"
Katrina Lawson Kenny lives in Cincinnati and works at Shriners' Hospital. on 1-09-06 she wrote: "We had a very fun Christmas with our son, Aidan, who is now 14 months old and walking. Yes, the Christmas tree survived! Things are good here at Shriners. I am now working M-W, which is an amazing schedule."
Donna Leber update 10-15-08: Donna still works at OSF Saint Francis Medical Center in Peoria, Illinois and is currently the Rehab Educator for the inpatient and outpatient programs with 140 staff in OT, PT, SLP, TR, SW, Psych etc. She says she "loves it." Donna published an article on the use of humor in therapy in the March/April 2001 issue of AJOT and more recently had an article on team building published in the August 18, 2008 issue of Advance for Occupational Therapy Practitioners. Donna also has 3 grandsons.
Gina Macedonia DiBattista

update on 6-13-08:. Gina was married in Spring 2004. She is due July 3rd with her 1st baby.

Karen McCormick recently left her job at Good Samaritan Hospital in Cincinnati.
Katie McGinnis left the UCP Aaron W. Perlman Center at Childrens Hospital to return to St Louis to be with her family over the summer of 2004. Update June 2005: “I am working in St. Louis, Mo at St. Louis Children's Hospital. I am still doing assistive technology as well as outpatient and inpatient therapy.”
Kevin McKeever

is reported to have gone back to school and gotten a master's degree in special education.

Andrea Platfoot Dexter update on 3-13-07: "I currently have 3 girls and am still married to Wade. I’m working at Growing Potentials a private outpatient pediatric OT, PT, SLP practice in Troy Ohio that also contracts out to the Miami County MRDD for Early Intervention services. I also still work 1 day a week at Miami Valley Hospital in Acute Care and run as a paramedic (in my free time) in Pleasant Hill where I live!"
Carey Rook Fletcher has one child and is working for COTI.
Colleen Savage Maurer

sends greetings from Canton, Ohio, where she is living now that she is married (wedding was in August 2003). Update on 6-13-08: "I have 2 boys, Cole is 2 and Chase is 11 weeks. I'm still working for Stark County Educational Service Center in the schools, but only 2 days a week. I have the best of both worlds for me :)"

Marcia Scott Lane

Update 3-15-11: I have been working at Mercy Hospital Fairfield since September, 2007. I mostly work in acute care, but sometimes help out in the Acute Rehab Dept. The hospital has really grown, just in the time I've been there. Another advantage is that the commute is less than 10 minutes!As far as other things I've been doing, I've been studying tai chi for over 3 years now, and that's really enjoyable. I also enjoy yoga, sing in my church choir, read a lot, go to movies when I can, enjoy cooking new vegetarian dishes, taking photos, and get to the gym often. John and I have been married almost 5 years already. Sorry about the UC jackets in the photo! Ha! We met at UC a long time ago, and we actually got out to a game last season. Kristen is 16 already, and we are starting to look at colleges!! I don't know where the time went! She's doing very well in school, plays viola in the orchestra, a church youth group, and has a fairly active social life. She did some volunteering last year at a nursing home, and is now starting to volunteer at the SPCA. She hasn't started driving yet, but it's only a matter of time.... (I'm in no hurry!)

Linda Theis Deckert

Pix from Halloween 2014

Christmas 2014

Update 2-6-14: Ashleigh just turned 5, and Ryan will be 2 in March. We are doing great here in Atlanta! Mike loves his job...and the opportunity to golf a little more frequently as we now live right by a golf course! I am still staying plenty active in the OT world with continuing education courses, and I just joined a GA UE special interest group that meets frequently.
Linda served as an adjunct faculty in the Xavier OT Department for several semesters.

Elizabeth Vanoli is still living in Centerville, Ohio and occasionally teaches classes for nursing students at Sinclair Community College in Dayton. She writes "I am co-director of a yoga studio in Oakwood, OH. Many of my students come in with arthritis, chronic pain, stress, fibromyalgia, MS, hypertension, mental disorders, etc. Most students that come into the studio with medical issues end up in my classes. I have found yoga to be one of the best forms of treatment since it is so easily adapted to each student's personal needs, both mental and physical. Many of the things I deal with are chronic and these students do not get much relief from traditional medicine and treatment. I am working with doctors, both medical and psychiatric so a number of our students come with referrals. Yoga itself does not create health; rather, it creates an internal environment that allows the individual to come to his own state of dynamic balance or health. Since yoga teaches that a healthy person is a harmoniously integrated unit of body, mind, and spirit, it fits in well with OT. Check out our web site -- www.satiyogastudio.com "
Jennifer Von Holle McCurrach
was married in May, 2002 She lives in Cincinnati and works for Personal Touch Home Health services. Update on 5-13-08: Announcing the newest McCurrach family member: Caleigh McCurrach was
born March 17, 2008. She
is pictured her at Easter with big brother Ronan.
Amanda Whitney Rivard

update on 1-09-11 Amanda is married and living in Lexington, KY. Mandy has two daughters and a new son, Russell "Grayson" Rivard III. The picture shows Whitney (5) holding Grayson, and Shelby (2) looking at her new brother. Amanda works at Select Specialty Hospital with another XUOT grad, Rachel Kloha Hooker, Class of 2002.

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