Occupational Therapy Class of 1998 Newsletter

Angie Black Porter
... had been working in a SNF in Lebanon as an OT and Rehab Coordinator but is now in a position with a home health company in Middletown. "I am happily married and have a son, Zachary John Porter. He is such a joy. I am hoping that working in home health will free up some extra time to spend with him. Hope all is well for everyone!"
Kelly Bricking Covington
is married, living in Powell, Ohio and has FOUR children.
Erin Clarke Kasprzak
August 2008, Erin writes: " I live in Jacksonville Beach Florida!! I work with Duval County Schools here in Jacksonville. My husband and I are thinking of moving from Florida back north....so maybe I'll be there for the next reunion."
Becky Darnell Bill
"I am now the mother of 3 wonderful boys. Leo was born on January 27, 2004. His big brother, Nathan, just adores him. and on October 9, 2007, Brian and Becky welcomed Samuel Jeremiah weighing in at a whopping 8 pounds, 11 ounces! Mom and Sammy are doing just great!!
Rachel Deffendoll Carpenter
update on 11-5-07: "We moved back to Massachusetts in February. We are in a beautiful little town, Medfield, MA. Actually Curt Schilling from the Red Sox lives here and I just found out that the President of the Celtics lives here too! I'm surrounded by famous sports people!! I had baby #3 last year in April. Benjamin is 18mo. now. William is 3 and Molly is 6 and in 1st grade. It's just crazy to have a daughter in elementary school. Starting a new job next week in the school system. I'm looking forward to going back. I've been getting anxious about it for a while. It's just part time at this point."
Anita Drabousky
works at Children's Hospital in Cincinnati.
Cathy Drumheller Richman

Cathy was re married in August 2005 to Brian Richman and lives in Lynchurg, Va. with Anna, Kate and Brian's son Alec, nearby in N.C. Brian is a physical therapist.
Here is the proposal picture at a renaisssance festival where Brian dressed up like a knight in shining armour and proposed to me. "He's Sooo Romantic!!!"

Update 3-28-08: Cathy and Brian stopped in at the Xavier OT Department to say hello during their recent trip to Cincinnati. Cathy is working as a school based therapist in the Lynchburg school systems.


Melissa Mueller Edkins
is working for Cincinnati Public Schools.
Michelle Fuhrman Johnson
update 1-03-08: "My husband, Brian, works for Brown-Foreman Corp as a CPA which has relocated us to Louisville, KY.
Our daughter, Lainey, is 7 years old and in first grade. Our son, Brayton, is 4 years old and in preschool. I am currently working PRN at Norton Hospital acute care and Southern Indiana Rehabilitation Hospital outpatient rehab primarily
but I also treat inpatient acute rehab and subacute. I am in the process of receiving my First Steps Certification and may begin working in that area as well. I am staying very busy at the moment."
Krista Gates Carroll
update on 11-10-07: I have 3 kids that keep me very busy! Ben -5, Anna-3, and Timmy-1. I am also busy with Irish dancing. It’s my favorite hobby and exercise. I am doing some very part-time work for COTI working at St. William in their autism scholarship program. Most of the time, I am home taking care of my little ones. We live in Miami Heights (very west side of Cincinnati).
Beth Gerdeman Kremzar
Beth wrote this update on 9-5-09: "Well, all is well in Columbus, GA! My daughter, Josie, is 6 now and loving every minute of 1st grade. She is reading like a pro and has inherited her motherâ??s gift for Math. Phillip is 3 and making friends (mostly girls) at his 3 year old preschool 3 mornings a week. I cannot get over how my children can be so different and still be mine. Josie is all into creating..be it art, music, dancing and cooking.
Phillip is all boy! He loves his super heroes and "kung foo-ing" everyone and everything (usually in his underwear). Of course, I am the designated "bad guy."
Pete and I are working on our tenth year of marriage which will be our most difficult yet. In July, he was deployed to Saudi Arabia for a year, and then, days before he left, we found out I was expecting baby #3 (a girl)! Despite the absence of my husband, things are flowing nicely. The kids are busy with school, soccer, play dates and swimmingâ?¦and I am busy being a "soccer mom" and doing some part-time home daycare as well as volunteering in both of my children's schools.
Pete is taking 30 days leave for the birth (mid January), so that takes off the pressure of dealing with visiting family all by myself and being alone in the hospital and all. After his deployment is over, we are off to Major school in Kansas for 9 months with three kids in tow. Soon OT will be part of my life again, but until then, I am simply enjoying my family. There sure is a lot to enjoy!!
Sarah Haas
Lives in Fairfield Ohio and has worked her way up to be a detective with the Fairfield Police Dept. She is certified as a defensive tactics instructor. Sarah is the proud owner of a farm!
Garth Hoellrich
is working at a SNF in Dayton
Mel Higgins Hundley

update 8-1-11: "Hi everyone! I work at Kid Power Therapy Services in Milford, it's a SMALL pediatric clinic focusing on SI, it's OT and speech only. I work in the clinic part time and am also contracted to Linden Grove School in Deer Park, a SMALL private school for kids with special needs. Kid Power is great, I am lucky to work for a good group of people who are family focused. My husband Brent (a Cincinnati District 2 police officer)and I had our crazy, happy, active son Jace Ledger in April of 2006. He is a funny little guy who loves to be outside (that's why most of his pictures are outside). I received a MHS in OT from the University of Indianapolis in 2006, and I'm finished with school for a while so I can focus on family (and work). Hope you all are doing well! Mel"

Krista Kidd Lorenz
update on 7-31-07: "I am working for Warren County ESC in the school districts, part time. Most of my time is filled with the blessings and chaos of having three small children and a great husband. Leah is excited to be starting kindergarten this year...Porter is a lively and loveable three year old....and Josie is our newest addition, born in June '07.
Life is wonderful for us right now!"
Sarah Lohrstorfer
is married and works at Alliance Hospital in Winchester, Virginia.
Kathy Lotz
lives in West Chester Ohio and works for the Lakota School District.
Cathy Louis Pohlman
works for Clermont County Educational Services.
Mitch Mattingly
now lives in Marion, Indiana. "I am now a Human Resources Specialist. Started that position in 12/07. It has been an adjustment but so far, I am liking the work. I am still with the VA in Marion.."
Kim May Richards
Update July 2005, Kim writes: "I still live in the same house in Northern Kentucky and work for Cincinnati Public Schools 2 days a week. Currently I am on maternity leave with my 3rd child born March 1, 2005. I'll be returning to CPS in the fall. Kid Update: Kirsten (girl) will be 8 on 7/29. Kyle (boy) is 5 born 11/30/99. Caden (boy) is 3 months (in June)".
Nicole Mayer Graham
writes this update: "I am in Charleston S.C. and love it. Update on 6-23-08: "I have two boys now ages 5 and 3. I am pretty busy with them and am currently staying at home."
Julie McGuire Wyatt
works for Carrington Health Systems and has two young sons now, in addition to daughter Chyna ( pictured left ).
Leila Mehbod Owens
was married in October, 2002. She is living in Anderson and working as a pharmaceutical sales representative.
Leann Simmons Ramos
lives in Cincinnati.
Christy Schneider Nipper
works for Baptist Nursing Home in Northern Kentucky. She has one young son, and a daughter born May, 2003.
Miranda Schneider Kroger

Update on 1-7-11: Miranda works at Montgomery Care Center with a contract agency called RehabCare Group.


Lori Short Stemmer
update on 10-10-06: What is going on in the Stemmer household? Well, obviously first and foremost, the kids are growing like weeds. My oldest, Evan, turned 5 in May and just started Kindergarten at St. Peter's this Fall. My daughter, Kaylee, turned 4 in September and is attending Preschool at St. Pete's. We are still living in Dayton, OH, actually Huber Heights, and have added a new addition to our family. A furry one this time!! Stemmer's Sweet Sunshine (Sunny), a female yellow lab, joined our family in May of 2005. I have trained her to be a therapy dog and she accompanies me to work at least once a week. In November of 2005, I joined a company called Rehabcare Group, based out of St. Louis, as an Executive Director. I am still working out of Greene Memorial Hospital in Xenia, where I have worked since we graduated in '98. I am now the director over all rehab services which includes, 2 outpatient sites, acute care, SNF, inpatient rehab and sports medicine. My husband, Greg, has recently taken a management position with the company he has worked for over the last 5 years and is getting a taste of what my work life has been like! We are all healthy and happy and just trying to keep up with our busy schedules. I wish everyone the best!
Melissa Parker Tiller
was at last report working at Vencor Hospital in Indianapolis.
Amy Van Camp
works for a hospital in Fort Wayne.
Angela Williams
now works at Sports Therapy in Cincinnati doing work hardening. She was also a contestant in the "Cincinnati Idol" competition.
Christa Zallar Kelly


Update December 2010: Catherine and Sarah are pictured here with Christa and Kevin. "I have been consulting with the preschool and really enjoying the staff and their program (as a mom and as an OT....the director did some research with an OT and is great to work with).. The girls are fantastic! We live in Purcellville, VA."

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