Advisory Board


The purpose of the advisory board shall be two-fold:

  • To disseminate information to clinicians regarding educational trends, accreditation requirements and certification requirements.
  • To provide direction to the Program Director and College, and to assure the educational institution's administration that the program has the support of the health care community (Xavier University Constitution and Bylaws, 1998).


The board is composed of a minimum of 10 members representing the following practice areas:

  • Home Health:  Kim White
  • Pediatrics: Asha Asher
  • Administration: Becky Reder
  • Private Practice: Deb Whitcomb
  • School-Based Practice: Anne Gibbons
  • Community Representative: vacant
  • Clinical Coordinator: vacant
  • Representative of OT Programs (with articulating agreement) in Greater Cincinnati Area: Claudia Miller
  • Xavier's OT Program Director: Dr. Carol Scheerer
  • Xavier Academic FW Coordinator: Georganna Miller
  • Xavier OT Program Alumni: Karen Payne Ronningen
  • Xavier OT Student Representative: Lauren Krabacher
  • Xavier Faculty Members: Joanne Estes; Claire Morress; JoanTunningley; Leah Dunn