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Innovations in Clinical Nurse Leader Role Implementation

Since the magnitude of health care errors was reported more than a decade ago by the Institute of Medicine, issues of quality and safety have been at the forefront of health care. Institutions are constantly challenged to be innovative within their systems to assure that patients are cared for in quality, safe and cost-effective care environments.

About This Conference

This conference—offered to health care administrators, nurses, clinical nurse leaders, students and physicians—addresses:
  • The economic advantages of the CNL role
  • Quality, safety, and continuity of care issues in which CNLs are beginning to demonstrate much success
  • Specific tools that administrators need for role implementation
  •  Sustainability within existing care delivery models

About the Speakers

James L. Harris, DSN, RN, APRN-BC, MBA, CNL, FAAN, is deputy chief nursing officer of the Veterans Health  Administration in Washington, DC as well as an author, national speaker and one of the originators of the CNL role inclusion. After successfully implementing the CNL role at the Tennessee Valley Health System, he was chosen to lead the VA's national efforts, which have a mandated inclusion date of 2016. In his current role, he is also responsible for formulating national policies that impact more than 70,000 nursing staff in the VA system. 

Karen M. Ott, MSN, RN, is clinical executive with the Office of Nursing Services in the Veterans Health Administration in Washington, D.C. In her current role, she provides focused guidance and support on a myriad of clinical practice issues for all VA nursing roles including the Clinical Nurse Leader. Having been involved with the development of the CNL since its inception, she is directly involved with developing the tools that assist health care institutions in implementing the role within their organization. 


Ms. Connie Groth, School of Nursing Program Assistant,    (513) 745-3814

Dr. Cynthia Sublett, Associate Director of CNL Grant,  (513) 745-4333

September 28, 2010
7:45 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Cintas Center
Xavier University

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Fee for the conference is $50 payable at the time of registration.

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