2016-2017 Members


  • Dr. Morrie Mullins is an Associate Professor of Industrial-Organizational Psychology.  His research interests lie in the areas of Personnel Selection, Training, and Assessment Practices.
  • Dr. Roshan (Bob) D. Ahuja is a Professor of Marketing at Xavier University. His research interests include the ethical issues surrounding marketing research in children.
  • Dr. Michael J. Colligan, a research psychologist, recently retired from the National Institute of Occupational Safety & Health where he served as Chair of the NIOSH Human Subjects Review Board.
  • Dr. Joanne Phillips Estes is an Assistant Professor in Xavier's Department of Occupational Therapy.  Her experience as an occupational therapist, educator, department chair, and researcher has prepared her for her work on the IRB.
  • Dr. Charles Grossman is a Professor in Xavier's Department of Biology. For many years his research involved immuno-endocrinology. He also collaborated with research physicians at the Cincinnati VA Medical Center in a number of clinical areas relating to alcohol and immunity.  More recently his research involves acoustical and other behavioral activities of the captive manatees. 
  • Ms. Christine Shimrock is an adjunct professor at Xavier University in Criminal Justice and has worked as a chaplain at  Lebanon and Warren Correctional Institutions since 2003.  She is the Spiritual Director at  The Glen at St. Joseph in Dayton, a holistic educational and residential program for single moms.  Christine holds an M.S. Criminal Justice from Xavier University; is currently completing an M.A. Theology; and serves as the Prisoner Advocate on the Institutional Review Board.
  • Dr. Tammy Sonnentag is an assistant professor in Xavier's School of Psychology. Her research interests include topics related to individuals’ social-emotional and moral development, with a focus on the factors that influence relatively young individuals’ willingness to stand up for their own beliefs and values despite social pressure not to do so.